Getting to Know Your Dental Hygienist

“This is going to sound weird, but I have always loved teeth!”  This is the response you will hear if you ask one of our newer team members, Kristen, about how she got into the dental hygiene field.  “I loved my childhood dental hygienist and always begged my mom to take me to the dentist.”  From an early age, Kristen recognized her passion for overall health through dentistry and pursued it immediately.

Kristen graduated Farmingdale as Kristen&AF (1)Valedictorian, an amazing achievement all on its own, but she was also able to maintain playing 4 years of lacrosse as well!  “Balancing games and clinical hours was challenging,” Kristen will tell you, but she is being modest.  She is the first student athlete Farmingdale ever had to go through the RDH program.  She had to get special permission and she worked extra clinical hours in advance to make up for potential lost time due to lacrosse games.  Her time was always spent studying while her teammates were sleeping on their 10 hour bus trips across the country to compete.  This added studying time surely reaped its rewards.  She paved the way for others like her and now mentors new student athletes who also want to enter the RDH program at Farmingdale.

The best part about Kristen’s job is “seeing results, especially when the results are better due to patients maintaining excellent home care.”  She will enthusiastically tell you that her favorite thing about working in a Perio practice is twofold.  From her side of the chair, she loves how in depth she can get with the cleanings and how extensive the maintenance program can get.  She also really appreciates how much Perio patients really do care about their mouth and health – “it makes my job that much more rewarding.”

At Farber Center, we like to educate our patients on the importance of overall health, so they fully understand their decisions to accept periodontal treatment, for LANAP, dental implants, or any other procedures we offer.  These procedures can be holistic, non-invasive, and cutting edge in technology.  Recognizing this zeal in Kristen is what drew us to her, and likewise what attracted her to us!  Farber Center is proud to have Kristen as part of our team.  We value our patients and ensure they have the best care and results.  When patients invest in their oral health care, they invest in their overall health.  Rewarding for everyone indeed!


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