Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

LANAP®, which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, uses a laser to perform periodontal surgery. Developed by Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., LANAP® surgery is successful in treating gum disease with minimal trauma to the mouth. It is a surgical laser procedure designed for the treatment of periodontitis through regeneration rather than resection. The LANAP® procedure is a protocol that deals with inflammation, the infectious process, occlusion, tooth mobility, and an osseous component.


Even patients who have traditionally avoided dental treatment or experienced traditional surgery in the past accept LANAP® treatment. They are seeking an alternative to traditional surgery and are familiar and comfortable with the use of lasers for LASIK treatment for their eyes. Thus, they consider laser treatment for periodontal disease a viable alternative. Clinically, what becomes immediately apparent postoperatively is minimal discomfort, shrinkage of swollen, puffy gums, and reduction of bleeding.

After the procedure, patients can see that the tissues feel and look healthier. Since LANAP® treatment is not a cut-and-sew procedure, no native tissues are injured; the recession associated with traditional surgery is not present.


After LANAP® treatment, patients realize how much dentistry has changed, and they are inspired to continue their care. Call today to see how LANAP® is right for you, 631.265.4442!