Medford Periodontist Discusses Temporary Restorations

Your smile and happiness make for a happy, healthy you!

Your smile and happiness make for a happy, healthy you!

Medford periodontist Dr. Alan H. Farber explains why temporary restorations after dental implant treatment help ensure great looking final restorations.

After dental implants are placed, a temporary restoration is often used for a number of reasons:

1. With the temporary restoration, patients can get a good idea of how the final restoration will look and feel.

2. A temporary restoration is also used to get the proper tissue design—to allow the tissue to heal around the restoration.

3. A temporary is placed to ensure that the patient has a proper bite.

4. If a patient wants something changed, then the esthetics can be worked out in the temporary stage.   In other words, we do not want to go right away to a final restoration which is not reversible. If the patient says, “ I don’t like the way the temporary looks– please change it,” then the final restoration will reflect those changes.

Temporary restorations often look almost as good as the final restoration. We want the patients to look at the temporary and say,  “Wow! This looks great and feels great.”  The final restoration will be better. but we need to work this all out in the temporary stage.

Because temporary restorations look so good, patients sometimes delay getting a final crown or final bridge on their implants. The problem with that scenario is that bacteria can leak under the temporary restoration and that may affect the health of the implant in the long run.

There is a set amount of time that a temporary restoration is designed to last, and people should not go beyond that timeframe. Typically six months is the longest amount of time that I would recommend that a patient keep a temporary restoration.  They need to return to the office in a timely manner and get their new, permanent teeth.




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