The LIPP Report

To Our Valued Patients Summer is here at last! We hope you all have some vacation time set aside, whether at home or abroad. Independence Day was a special one this year. Americans have many blessings for which we are thankful. If the stock market continues to rise, we may hopefully have more than blessings to count. Let’s hope for the best of both. Long Island Periodontal Professionals wishes you all a safe and healthy summer season. Health Update “Cigar Smoking: An Increased Risk” Did you know cigar smoking increased 50% since 1993? A single cigar in an unventilated room is equivalent to 43 burning cigarettes and large cigars produce up to 40 X more nicotine than one cigarette. Increased risk for cancer of the larynx over non-smokers: 1-2 cigars per day increases the risk by more than 6 X 3-4 cigars per day increases the risk by more than 8.5 X 5 cigars per day increases the risk by more than 16 X Please note: Whether you inhale or not, smoker risk exists due to exposure of the lips, oral cavity, tongue, pharynx and larynx. Saliva with smoke constituents is swallowed and passes through the esophagus. Thank you for browsing our web site. We are always adding new and exciting information for patients and referring offices. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is something in particular you would like information about. Also, a reminder of our COMPLIMENTARY IMPLANT CONSULTATIONS. We are happy to provide evaluations for you, your families and your friends. Read the Newest American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Newsletter Periodontal Plastic Surgery -April/June 2004 >New Newsletter Coming Soon!< Past Newsletters Dental Implants January/March 2004 Stress – October/December 2004 Pregnancy – July/September 2004 Women and Periodontal Health – April/June 2003 Periodontal Therapy- Knowing What’s Right For You – January/ February 2003 Arthritis – November/December 2002 Diabetes Health – September/October 2002 Heart Health – July/August 2002 Senior Health – (May/June 2002) Tobacco and Oral Health (March/April 2002) Interdental Cleaning (January/February 2002) Cancer and Oral Health – November/December 2001 Ethnicity and Periodontal Health – September/October 2001 Medications and Oral Health – July/August 2001 Oral Bacteria – May/June 2001 Dental Fear & Anxiety – March/April 2001 Understanding Dental Insurance – January/February 2001 Pregnancy and Periodontal Health – November/December 2000 Men’s Periodontal Health – September/October 2000 Nutrition and Oral Health – July/August 2000 Families and Periodontal Disease – May/June 2000