Dental implants have a very high success rate, and even failures can be redone by an experienced periodontist to achieve a stable and successful result.

There are a number of reasons why a dental implant may fail.  Some of these reasons include:

  1. Poor diagnosis and treatment planning. Patients should ask the surgeon who is placing the implant about relevant experience.  I am a specialist in periodontics and I have been placing dental implants for over 28 years.  It is very important to diagnose a case properly and use modern technology such as 3D imaging to plan the surgery in advance.
  2. Inadequate volume and density of bone. We are able to determine the amount and quality of bone in advance.  If there is insufficient bone, an implant should not be placed.  However, we have the ability in many cases to augment bone and place implants successfully.
  3. Infection. There are cases where infections occur for a variety of reasons.  In my office, we take every precaution to minimize this risk.

Although patients understandably ask about the risk of implant failure, dental implants are extremely successful. On a national level, somewhere between 90-95% of all dental implants are successful.  However, in our practice, our success rate is 98%, even with implants that have been in place for many years.13413749_1213186735367375_1546513264892607929_n

Due to our high rate of success, if an implant fails that was placed in another office, we often receive referrals to help these patients. I
am able to remove the failed implant, reconstruct the bone, and then after adequate healing time replace the implant.

In many of these cases, we are able to grow the bone back, and the secondary bone, the bone that regrows, is actually healthier and stronger than the initial bone. As a result we are able to replace a failed implant with a new implant. The success rate with the new implant is very high.

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