Dental implant treatment that used to take up to a year is now typically done in weeks or even one day in some cases, according to Dr. Alan H. Farber.

The treatment time for dental implants is very variable. The good news is that the process takes much less time now than 28 years ago when I first started placing dental implants.

Dental implant treatment time in the past.

• Typical cases years ago took six months to a year to complete.

Treatment time now.

14670789_1312322125453835_976111452535014870_n Today, if a tooth needs to be removed first and then an implant placed at a later date, that timeframe is still approximately six months. However many times in my practice we are placing an implant at the same time as the tooth is removed. We call that “immediate implant placement” and the total treatment timeframe is now only about three months.

• The other good news is if a patient is missing a tooth and the bone is adequate, we can place an implant and have the patient restored. In other words, we get the final post and crown on the implant and put it into function in approximately eight weeks.

• We also have the scenario in which patients need multiple implants. Those are patients who need a full arch of implants. They may have a denture or severely diseased teeth, and with proper planning at the Farber Center, we are able to remove the remaining diseased teeth, place the proper number of implants, and even place a bridge that is attached to the implants on the same day. We call that process Same Day Smile.

Some people ask, “How many implants do I need to replace all the teeth in an arch?” For a permanent bridge, in other words a bridge that is not removable by the patient, the minimal number is four. However, depending on how many teeth we want to replace, and the type of material and the size of the patient’s jaw, we sometimes need more implants. This process of anchoring a denture with dental implants is called “All-on-4” or “All-on-X,” where x is the number of implants, which could be four, five, six, or even up to eight.

Every patient is unique in their physical structure and all treatment is customized. Our goal is to provide a very secure and long-lasting solution in the minimal amount of time.

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