Dental implants using bone augmentation now possible for some who thought they would never be candidates for modern tooth replacement.

When someone comes in and wants to replace missing teeth with dental implants, we perform a proper diagnosis and evaluate if that individual is or is not a dental implant candidate from the beginning. If we find that someone is not a candidate, then the question is, can we make that person a candidate by growing bone?

We have various tests in our office to give us that answer. For example, we use what we call a cone-beam CT scanner. I have been using CT scanners for over 25 years now; we have had them in my practice for about 15 years. This technology gives us a 3D image of the jawbone and other structures so we can determine if there is sufficient bone.

The issue of adequate bone is very important. On many occasions patients have come to visit my office and have told me that they
saw a dentist years ago and they were told they could not have a dental implant.

3dboneAs a specialist in periodontics, part of my training is dealing with growing bone, what we call “bone augmentation.” Using different materials—we sometimes even use growth factors from your own blood—we can to grow bone to replace bone that has been lost.

With this new technology that we have today and the ability to grow bone back or expand bone, I have been able to place implants in these patients who years ago were not candidates.  This process may sound complicated, but it is actually a fairly simple, predictable, and every day procedure in my office.

I would estimate that we can now certainly make the majority of patients candidates for dental implants, probably in the range of 70-90%.

My advice to patients who are wearing old-fashioned complete or partial removable dentures is to seek the advice of a periodontist. There is a strong likelihood that these patients can be helped with dental implants that look and function like natural teeth, and bone augmentation may be part of that process.


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