Sinus Augmentation

why do i need a sinus lift procedure?

When upper back teeth are lost, bone in that area naturally shrinks or resorbs over time. Consequently your sinuses expand to occupy the empty space where the bone used to be. This lack of bone below the sinus precludes the placement of dental implants in the posterior (back) area of the upper jaw.

what can i expect from a sinus lift procedure?


There are two types of sinus lift procedures provided in our office. Your procedure will depend on the amount of bone you have left. Sinus augmentation is a simple procedure that allows the sinus floor to be raised, thereby allowing the placement of dental implants.

Implants are placed in the regenerated bone, usually 6 months following the sinus augmentation procedure (or at the time of the procedure when possible).

Various bone grafting materials are used to encourage your bone to grow quickly. These materials help stabilize the dental implants. The graft materials are replaced naturally by your own bone as it grows into the area.

Implants can now be placed in a predictable and successful manner in the areas of the upper jaw where there is minimal bone.


  • Is it a simple procedure? We have been performing sinus lift procedures for the past 15 years, with minimal or no complications.
  • Is it predictable? Yes. Our success rates at Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants are over 95%.
  • Is it painful? No. Patients experience minimal or no discomfort, however swelling is occurs 50% of the time.


  • Osteotome instruments are used to “tap up” the bone remaining below the floor of the sinus at the planned implant positions. Most often the implant is placed at the same visit.
  • This procedure is more conservative than sinus graft procedure and adds minimal time to the implant placement visit.
  • This procedure is highly predictable.
  • An osteotome- internal sinus lift allows an implant to be safely placed in areas which would have previously required more extensive treament.

Minimally Invasive Antral Membrane Balloon Elevation

MiambeOur office is one of only a few offices on Long Island that have introduced this new system.

An internal sinus lift procedure uses the same technology as angioplasty procedures in the heart. Utilizing the inflation of a balloon effect to gently raise the floor of the sinus enabling a dental implant to be placed the same day.


MIAMBE Advantages


  • Superb procedural success rate: Exceeds any other method of sinus lift
  • Excellent bone augmentation and implant survival (95%)
  • Fits all sinuses, bone types and implant systems


  • Very low major complication rates when compared to open sinus lift
  • Absence of bleeding complications
  • No sedation or general anesthesia is required

Patient advantage of USING MIAMBE SYSTEM :

  • Minimal discomfort and no disability when compared to open sinus lift
  • Absence of cosmetic do to bruising and swelling
  • Single procedure (sinus lift and implant placement at the same sitting)
  • Reduced risk and procedure failure
  • Healing time diminished

sinus augmentation allows us to place implants in areas would could not in the past

Sinus procedure illustration
Sinus area
Sinus expands after tooth removed
Sinus expands after tooth is removed
Small opening
1) A small opening is made
Sinus is lifted
2) Sinus is lifted
Grafting material is placed
3) Grafting material is placed
Implant Placed
4) Sometimes the implant is placed at this time, or it is placed 3-6 months after your own bone fills in