Long Island periodontist explains that dental implants are replacement body parts.  Low priced implants are often not a good long-term value when they fail.

Patients come in my office and who have seen advertising for low-cost dental implants.  These advertisements often make dental implants sound like a product or a commodity. However dental implant treatment is not like a product, such as television that you can purchase online or at Best Buy or Costco.

Dental implant treatment is an art and a science.  With dental implants you are paying for the skills and the experience of the periodontist who places the implant and the restorative doctor who places the final crown.  The doctors who provide this treatment should have years of experience to make an accurate diagnosis and complete the treatment successfully.

Dental implants should last a very long time, and if someone has a problem due to improper or discount dentistry, then it is never cheaper to do it twice.  In my practice, I see many of these implants that were placed in another office at a very low cost.  Unfortunately, patients are paying more for treatment the second time around.  There is more treatment required when an implant has issues and we have to either try to repair it or we have to replace it.

In term of materials, there are over 200 manufacturers of dental implants available on the market in the United States.  Some of these systems were developed very recently and do not have a track record.  New discount implant systems may not be around for very long, so there is no way of knowing whether replacement parts will be available in the future.

I say to patients, “Would you want to buy the least expensive heart valve, or would you want to go with the one that has been out the longest and is scientifically tested”?

In our practice we use three dental implant systems that have been on the market for many years.  The systems we use are research based.  I have personally visited the facilities of two of the manufacturers we use.  I have seen their quality control and their testing and I know that parts will be available if needed.

Dental implants are replacement body parts, and the lowest price is frequently not the best value.


Dr. Alan H. Farber

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