Benefits of LANAP®

Minimal or no discomfort – the laser targets diseased tissue, therefore, Dr. Farber can remove the infection without cutting or suturing (stitching) the gums. This leads to a more comfortable experience for you, and most likely you will not need to take any pain medication. You will not feel any discomfort during the LANAP procedure.

Faster Healing- Dr. Farber uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ to perform the LANAP® procedure. The LANAP protocol has been shown to stimulate regeneration of lost periodontal attachment as well as reducing tissue inflammation without disturbing surrounding healthy tissue. The healing process quicker because of this.

Gum Surgery Treatment Alternative

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Short Recovery Time – Recovery from LANAP surgery often takes less than a day rather than the two to four weeks required for traditional surgery; you will be able to return to work soon afterwards. Many patients who undergo laser dentistry procedures at our office can get back to work and resume daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Minimal Gum Recession – because the laser selectively leaves healthy tissue, there is significantly less shrinkage and recession resulting from the procedure.Long Island Gum Surgery

Reduced Inflammation – Our laser dentistry procedure removes about 90 percent of inflammation after a single treatment. Dr. Farber can control bleeding with LANAP®, as well. Inflammation, we know can lead to premature aging. AND many medically compromised patients who cannot have traditional surgery can have LANAP.

Saves Natural Teeth – Our goal is to save and keep your natural teeth with minimal procedures. In many cases, laser dentistry allows us to do that.

Other benefits of using the LANAP laser include:

  • Less time spent in the dental chair
  • Less mouth trauma caused by the traditional scalpel and sutures procedure
  • Less pain, bleeding and swelling
  • Easier healing and a faster recovery
  • Improved, longer-lasting results

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