LANAP Laser Surgery FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) performed by Dr. Alan Farber is a revolutionary gum surgery alternative that has helped thousands of patients treat and prevent gum disease from reoccurring. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about how to treat and prevent gum disease with LANAP®.

Q: Are periodontal disease and gum disease the same?
A: Yes. While “periodontal disease” is the proper name, both terms refer to an infection which has spread from the gums into the bones of your lower jaw and into the bones of the skull supporting your upper teeth. This can result in the permanent loss of both gum and bone and to the loss of teeth.

Q: Is LANAP® painful?
A: LANAP® is one of the gentlest laser treatments available and only requires a local anesthetic to numb the teeth and gums. Some patients also request sedation for anxiety, but that is optional. Unlike traditional periodontal surgery, there is little bleeding and stiches are not necessary.

Q: Does LANAP® provide additional benefits?

A: LANAP® is celebrated for doing more than effectively treating and preventing gum disease; it grows bone too! Research shows laser surgery actually stimulates bone cells in the jaw to rebuild the support natural teeth need to stay in place. Gum recession is also greatly reduced compared to conventional surgery.

Q: Is LANAP® safe for treating and preventing gum disease?
A: LANAP® is FDA approved for gum disease treatment and is backed by medical research as an extremely safe and effective way to treat and prevent gum disease. Dr. Farber is trained and certified in the LANAP® procedure. Plus, Drs. Farber uses the PerioLase®MVP-7™ laser, which is FDA-cleared and considered today’s best laser tool available.

Q. How do I know if LANAP® is the best way for me to treat and prevent gum disease?
A: If you are concerned about bleeding gums or the overall health of your gums, talk with Dr. Farber about treatment options. He can discuss all appropriate options with you to ensure that you are making the most informed decision about your oral health. LANAP® is favored by periodontists to treat patients with moderate to severe gum disease. A visit with Dr. Farber will determine whether LANAP® is the best treatment for you.

Gum Surgery Treatment Alternative

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Final Note on LANAP

The LANAP laser procedure has not entirely eliminated the use of the scalpel. You may still need traditional gum surgery for some procedures. And while LANAP surgery may reduce your progression of gum disease, you still have to practice good oral hygiene and have regular dental visits to help maintain your results. If you’re interested in the LANAP: Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, please call for an appointment.

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