The LANAP Procedure

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure –HOW DOES IT WORK?

  1. Anesthesia — Local anesthesia may be used to keep you from feeling any discomfort. LANAP is non-invasive and normally doesn’t require any other form of sedation. But if you are an extremely fearful patient, talk to us about your sedation dentistry options.
  2. Periodontal Pocket Measurements. – During the first step of laser gum disease treatment, Dr. Farber will measure the depths of your periodontal pockets. This will tell us the severity of your gum tissue detachment so that we can adjust treatment accordingly.
  3. Bacteria Removal. Dr. Farber will insert the PerioLase® MVP-7™ between your teeth and gums to remove infected tissue and bacteria. The LANAP laser is extremely tiny (about the thickness of three hairs), designed to fit easily between your gums and teeth. This laser does not have an effect on healthy

    bone, root, or healthy tissue, making laser gum disease treatment a less invasive treatment. Most patients experience minimal discomfort or pain during this process.

  4. Eradication of Calculus Deposits. Next, Dr. Farber will apply an ultrasonic scaler to the root surfaces of the teeth. This helps to remove any tartar (calculus) deposits that have formed under the gum line.
  5. Formation of a Blood Clot. Dr. Farber will use the laser a second time to create a blood clot and form a safe, stable environment for healing to begin. This will also stimulate regrowth of the bone and soft tissue. In many cases, laser gum disease treatment is able to reverse the effects of gum disease and save teeth would otherwise be lost. This helps block bacteria from re-entering and re-infecting the area.
  6. Tissue Compression. The tissue is recompressed against the surface of the tooth so that no stitches are necessary.
  7. Bite adjustment – The last and final step of laser gum disease treatment is to adjust the bite and check your teeth for any signs of trauma.

The LANAP procedure usually consists of two 2-hour sessions and two follow-up visits. You can compare LANAP to traditional surgery, which usually takes four surgical procedures and several follow-up visits to remove stitches.

Gum Surgery Treatment Alternative

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