Why Choose LANAP? What Is It?

Dr. Farber uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ to eliminate diseased tissue and bacteria while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. This results in a faster and shorter healing time. LANAP® can also reverse the effects of bleeding gums and some of the other symptoms of periodontal disease to help save your teeth.

The LANAP Laser

LANAP, which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, uses a laser to perform periodontal surgery once only reserved for a scalpel. Developed by Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., LANAP surgery is successful in treating gum disease with minimal trauma to the mouth. Traditional gum surgery uses a scalpel to decrease pocket depth and remove the infection — and unfortunately, some healthy tissue is destroyed in the process. Stitches are then placed to reattach the gums to the bone and assist in healing.

The LANAP laser removes the infection from beneath the gum line without compromising healthy gum tissue. LANAP is considered a regenerative procedure: Tissue is not reduced and bone is actually regenerated.

The LANAP laser recognizes pigmentation, only destroying bacteria and infected gum tissue, which are darker in color than healthy gums. The LANAP procedure also helps connective tissue and bone form between your teeth and gums, which could help minimize the chance of the infection returning.

  • Laser works by targeting only diseased gum – discerned by color. (diseased gums are darker than healthy gums)
  • Laser is used to encourage healthy tissue to reattach
  • Because of regrowth of tissue, there is a lower chance of gum disease returning
  • Restores your health with virtually no post-operative pain
  • Fewer side effects and risks

Gum Surgery Treatment Alternative

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