Meet Our Team

Registered Dental Hygienists

                Long Island Dental Hygienist Valerie


Valerie has been in the dental field for about thirty years. Starting as a dental assistant in a general practice, she assisted during the day and received her Associates in Science at night at Farmingdale University. She received her dental hygiene license from Farmingdale as well. She has been practicing hygiene for over twenty years and has been working with Dr. Farber since 1988. Valerie has two daughters, Vanessa and Jillian who are also employed at the Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants. In her spare time, Valerie enjoys cooking, gardening and spending time with her family.

Business Assistants:

   Long Island Staff Cindy   Long Island Staff Anna   Long Island Staff Donna


Cindy joined the team at Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants, bringing with her almost 20 years experience in the dental field.  She is excellent at helping you with any questions you may have and setting up an appointment that works best in your schedule.  After work, she loves to go home and spend time with her daughter and husband.


Anna joined our team last year and is new to the dental field (but you’d never know it!).  You’ll recognize her friendly voice at the other end of the phone or her bright smile when you walk into either of our offices.  Anna is enjoying getting to know all of the wonderful patients in both our Medford office and Hauppauge, as well as rapidly learning all about the dental field.

Donna F:

Donna F is another of our Business Administrators. She has over six years experience in the Dental Field, most of which is specific to Periodontics.  In her spare time Donna’s passion is cooking for her family, her specialty is Italian cooking & Home-Made Ice Cream Cakes.  On the weekends, Donna enjoys long motorcycle rides with her husband.


Marcy has retired after working in the dental field for over forty years. Shes still maintains her involvement with Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants as the Study Club Coordinator for the Long Island Dental Forum (a professional organization of dentists- part of the Seattle Study Club).

Treatment Assistants:

Long Island Treatment Assistant Marie Long Island Treatment Assistant Donna S Long Island Treatment Assistant Marianna


Marie has been in the dental field for several years.  Fifteen years ago she was part of the team here at Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants, but took some time off to raise her children.  Marie’s skills, experience, and calm demeanor are invaluable.  It’s been over two years since she’s rejoined our team and we couldn’t be happier to have her back!


Donna has more than thirty years of experience as a dental assistant and has worked in offices including orthodontics, oral surgery and general dentistry, besides periodontics. Donna also continues to take education courses. Donna has been a part of the team for about fifteen years.  She is a wife, mother to two and grandmother to three. In her down time, she enjoys spending time with her family and listening to the latest music.


Marianna is one of the newer members of our team, and we couldn’t be more pleased!  She is pursuing her passion to work as healthcare professional while studying biology and chemistry at Farmingdale University and was recently accepted into their dental hygiene program.  As an aspiring dental hygienist, Marianna loves working here at Farber Center.  She was first attracted to the modern technology of the practice, but has enjoyed learning from Dr. Farber, as well as his friendly and knowledgeable team.  When Marianna isn’t busy assisting Farber Center‘s team, she’s at home enjoying the company of her 6 year old Maltese and 6 month old min-pin!

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