Periodontal Surgery: What can I expect?

Why Do I Need Periodontal Surgery?

You need periodontal surgery because Dr. Farber and his team determined that the tissues around your teeth are unhealthy and cannot be repaired with non-surgical treatment.

Will it Hurt?

New treatment options using refined techniques can be performed comfortably as office procedures. Improvements in medications, local anesthesia, anxiety and pain control, and, in some cases, conscious sedation, are available to make your treatment more pleasant and comfortable.

How Long Will It Take to Heal?

It’s important to follow the doctor’s instructions. Patients generally can expect to enjoy their normal routine the following day. Talk with Dr. Farber about any special post-operative considerations you may have, such as diet, exercise or follow-up medications. This will help to minimize disruption of you daily activities.

Will Insurance Cover the Surgery?

Many insurance plans pay a portion of Periodontal services. Your Periodontal health is important, so talk to our insurance coordinator about payment options. Oftentimes, our office staff will work with your insurance company to secure maximum benefits.