What are the Treatments for Periodontal Diseases?

Once your periodontal health has been evaluated, Dr. Farber and his team will work with you to determine the treatment options that are best to arrest your disease and bring you back to health.

Depending on how far the diseases have progressed, treatment can vary widely. If caught in the early stages, simple procedures are done that will remove the plaque and calculus from below the gumline and eliminate the infection-causing bacteria. If these diseases have advanced to the point where the periodontal pockets are deep and the supporting bone is lost, further treatment might be necessary.

Whatever the treatment may entail, the goal is to return you to good oral health and then help you maintain it.

Benefits of periodontal treatment include fresh breath, a more youthful appearance, the ability to chew your food more easily and, most importantly, healthy gums that are free from infection.

Supportive Periodontal Treatment (SPT)

Once the diseases have been arrested, patients are seen regularly for supportive periodontal treatment. This ongoing phase of treatment will allow Dr. Farber and his team to evaluate your periodontal health and make sure your infection stays under control. During SPT, your mouth is examined, new calculus and plaque are removed, and, if necessary, your teeth are polished and your bite is checked.

Periodontal diseases are chronic diseases, just like diabetes. Without careful, ongoing treatment, disease can and often do recur.