What Can I Expect the First Time I Visit farber center for periodontics and dental implants?

Your first visit will last approximately one hour. You will meet with your doctor initially in the conference room. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your dental history and your concerns related to dentistry in general and your periodontal or implant care specifically. Your medical and dental history will be reviewed in detail. The rest of the exam will be conducted in the examination room. A thorough head and neck examination as well as an oral cancer screening will be performed. This will be followed by a detailed, thorough, but gentle periodontal and dental examination. Even if you are referred for a problem on a specific tooth or area, we recommend an examination of the entire mouth in order to arrive at a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Farber, Dr. Chondrogiannis and Dr. Batalias and their team will explain each of the parts of the examination and their significance.

After the examination is completed, any appropriate periodontal images (X-rays) will be taken as necessary to make a proper diagnosis. Radiation is our concern too, and we will take only the necessary films.We use digital images which reduces radiation by over 75%.

After completion of the clinical examination and images (x-rays) a treatment conference will be set up. Most often this takes place at a separate visit. This allows us adequate time to study your case and consult with your dentist.

We strongly encourage you to bring a spouse, friend, relative, or significant other to the treatment plan conference.

Dr. Farber and his team will explain your treatment alternatives and together you will decide what the appropriate course of action will be.