Post Treatment Instructions


Our goal is for your post-surgical period to be as comfortable and complication-free as possible.” We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Please read and follow these procedures, they will make you more comfortable and will help to prevent any possible complications.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL: Not to bite your lips or tongue until the anesthetic wears off.


Start brushing, flossing and continuing your bacterial removal techniques immediately. You may have to GO EASY at first, but make every effort to keep your mouth plaque free.


You may use a desensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne or any major sensitivity relief.


Some discomfort is expected when the anesthesia wears off. Usually a couple of acetaminophen or ibuprofen will eliminate any discomfort. Sensitivity to cold or touch may temporarily occur. Removing all plaque from the tooth surfaces and brushing with fluoride toothpaste will usually reduce or eliminate sensitivity in a day or two.


Your next meal should be soft. Avoid any hard, crunchy or seedy  foods such as peanuts, popcorn, chips, hard bread or seeded bagels for the next one to two days. Also, it is best to avoid hot, spicy foods and alcohol for at least 24 hours.


Slight bleeding may continue for several hours following the procedure. This is not unusual and should stop. If bleeding persists beyond a few hours, please call our office.


Please refrain from smoking for 24 hours or longer after Tissue & Root therapy.

Tobacco use interferes with the healing.


Avoid any aerobic activity for the rest of the day; jogging, tennis, racquetball, anything strenuous.


  •  You experience discomfort that you cannot control with our recommendations.
  •  You have persistent bleeding that does not stop for several hours.
  •  You have increasing swelling after the third day following the Tissue & Root therapy.
  •  You have fever.
  •  You have any questions.



Our goal is for your post-surgical period to be as comfortable and complication-free as possible.” We would be happy to answer any of your questions. Please read the following instructions.

download and print out  our post treatment instructions>> CLICK HERE


Having had periodontal surgery today does not necessarily mean that you have to alter your daily routine, however, it is important that you get plenty of rest.

Bleeding & Swelling

Even though the bleeding was under control when you left the office, a small amount of bleeding may continue for up to 24 hours, so do not be concerned should this occur. However, should you have excessive bleeding, place a piece of moist gauze over the surgical site while sitting in an upright position. Apply firm and steady pressure for about half an hour. Gauze soaked in tea is sometimes more effective. If the problem persists, please contact the office. Expect some swelling, it may take 3-4 days before reaching its peak.


Apply ice to the site for 3-4 hours, removing occasionally to let the area warm up. Remember, the use of an ice pack to reduce swelling is only effective if used immediately after surgery.


The amount of discomfort and its duration varies from person to person.We have provided you with pain medication. Please take it as recommended.


A slight elevation in your temperature may be expected, however, if it is excessive or questionable, please contact the office.

Get plenty of rest

Avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours following the procedure

Take medications as recommended

Eat soft foods and avoid spicy, hard and crunchy items.

Some Precautions…

Please consider the following common-sense precautions. Once again, they will make your

post-surgical period as comfortable and complication-free as possible.


Avoid drinking hot beverages or eating hot foods for the first 24 hours. Cold beverages are fine, however, some sensitivity may occur. A good diet is essential. Eat soft foods, avoiding any spicy, hard and crunchy items like toast, pretzels, etc.

Alcohol & Smoking

Alcohol and smoking can narrow the blood vessels and prevent the blood from clotting properly. Please refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours to avoid slowing the healing process.

When should you call the office?

Call the office if any of the following occurs:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Pain that is not controlled by prescribed medication
  • Fever

Take medications as directed by your Periodontist

Toothbrushing & Rinsing

  • Do not brush the surgical site near the gum tissue. Avoid touching the stitches. Brush and floss all other areas of your mouth.
  • Do not expectorate (spit) the day of the surgery.
  • If Prescribed, Rinse tonight (unless otherwise instructed) with 15ml (1/2 oz.) of Chlorhexidine Gluconate and continue as directed.

For Dental Implant Patients

For patients wearing a removable appliance follow the specific instructions given in the office.

To reach the doctors in an emergency

  • Call the office phone number and you will be advised how to proceed.
  • Instructions will be given for emergency calls.
  • Hauppauge 631-265-4442
  • Medford 631-758-3700


Can I drive home after the procedure?

     In most situations, Yes you can drive yourself to and from the office, except if IV sedation is used then you cannot drive yourself home after the procedure.

When can i go back to work after the procedure?

     In most situations, you will be able to return to work the same day, however we recommend that you avoid any physical activity for 24 hours.  It is advisable to apply ice to the area for several hours after.