Long Island Periodontist Dr. Alan Farber is a specialist in anything from the gum line and below, including bone and supporting structures of the teeth.

farber-perio-1-252x300A periodontist is a dental specialist.  I have gone beyond the four years of dental school training and received two extra years of surgical training to be a periodontist.  My specialty involves treating gum disease–otherwise known as periodontal disease–as well as replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth with dental implants, and also doing cosmetic periodontal procedures.  I have over 28 years of experience in this field.

A restorative dentist is responsible for anything above the gum line, such as crowns, fillings, and bridges.  As a periodontist, I consider myself the specialist or the expert for anything from the gum line and below, including the bone and the supporting structures of the teeth.

Periodontics is one of only nine specialties recognized by the American Dental Association.  Today the emphasis in the specialty of periodontics is on the mouth and its health, the health of the gums, the supporting structures, as well as how dental health relates to the whole body.  There have been many studies regarding the relationships between periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, and whole body health. image3

Periodontal disease or periodontal infection can actually lower your immune system.  Studies have found that healthcare costs were 21% higher for patients with severe periodontal disease.  Also there have been DNA tests that show that periodontal disease is transmitted directly from spouse to spouse and even parent to child.

A healthy mouth helps us maintain a healthy body.  If our immune system is working on what I call “all pistons,” then we will fight off bacteria and other infections.  That is why I tell my patients that good dental health is related to good overall health: healthy mouth, healthy body, and healthy life all go together.


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