As you are a valued patient in our office, we know you are a forward-thinking individual. Your overall health is a top priority to ensure a long and happy life. Farber Center has your health in mind as well and would like to remind you the end of the year is quickly approaching. This is the perfect time for you to take advantage of any remaining or unused dental benefits through your insurance.

Next year, you will have new deductibles and dental benefits that are not “carried over” from this year. We also encourage you to find out from your insurance company if you have monies set aside in a flex spending account or a health savings account which could possibly be lost it if not used. We would not want to see you miss out on some extra savings you could use before the thought it is swept up with the holiday season.

School is now in full swing and despite this unusually warm weather we are having this week, summer is sadly a distant memory. Before we know it, the holidays and snow days will be filling up our calendars. The last thing we would expect is our plans to be disrupted due to a dental emergency. It is much better for your health, and for your comfort, to plan and schedule an appointment now, especially if you have been avoiding or putting off any type of procedure or incomplete procedure.

Scheduling today will allow you to use the remaining balance you may have in your dental insurance benefits, as well as avoid any future discomfort or emergencies. We care about your oral health and look forward to your continued well-being.

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