Minimally Invasive Antral Membrane Balloon Elevation



Our office is one of only a few offices on Long Island that have introduced this new system.

An internal sinus lift procedure uses the same technology as angioplasty procedures in the heart. Utilizing the inflation of a balloon effect to gently raise the floor of the sinus enabling a dental implant to be placed the same day.

MIAMBE Advantages


  • Superb procedural success rate: Exceeds any other method of sinus lift
  • Excellent bone augmentation and implant survival (95%)
  • Fits all sinuses, bone types and implant systems


  • Very low major complication rates when compared to open sinus lift
  • Absence of bleeding complications
  • No sedation or general anesthesia is required

Patient advantage of USING MIAMBE SYSTEM :

  • Minimal discomfort and no disability when compared to open sinus lift
  • Absence of cosmetic due to bruising and swelling
  • Single procedure (sinus lift and implant placement at the same sitting)
  • Reduced risk and procedure failure
  • Healing time diminished