Nobelclinician is a planning software that once combined with our on-premises i-CAT, enables us to place implants more precisely and accurately.

Diagnosis & treatment planning:

Using a radiographic guide and 3D radiographic imaging, we are able to plan, with high precision, the treatment according to specific clinical and prosthetic goals. Special tools are provided to mark and visualize the nerves and dental roots as well as other relevant anatomical structures, so implant planning is safer. With NobelClinican, we can also examine surrounding bone quality and quantity, therefore determining the optimal location for implants. This makes planning and placing of implants safer, more efficient and more predictable, allowing us to fulfill your functional and esthetic needs in the best possible way.


Actual screenshot of
3D cross section imaging

Guided implant dentistry: Based on this digital planning, we can order, with a few mouse clicks, a customized surgical template to guide the surgery. The surgical template is fully custom made for you. It includes all planning information and allows us to prepare implant sites and gently place implants exactly as planned. NobelClinician provides us another option for safe and predictable minimally invasive surgery.


  • minimal or no discomfort
  • no stitches (sutures)
  • quicker healing and recovery time

Most patients only take Advil or Tylenol for 1 day!

Pre-fabricated prosthetics: NobelClinician’s treatment plan also allows our dental lab technicians to use the surgical template for preparing a model of your mouth with implants already in place. On this basis, provisional prosthetics can be pre-fabricated right in-house and delivered to our clinicians immediately. No waiting time. No down time. Patients need fewer visits to the dentist after diagnosis, as no further pre-surgery visits are required.