When it comes time for your dental appointment, your thoughts typically revolve around one thing: your teeth!  Naturally, what else would you be thinking about?  At Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease.  With this in mind, we realize every detail matters to ensure precaution and safety.

Eyes are an important part to consider at your dental appointment. There have been cited incidences of bacteria falling into a patient’s eye. Farber Center has been ahead of the curve for years by having our patients wear safety glasses during their appointments. Our eyewearprotection-2-150x150safety glasses are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved ones. Your overall health is important to us.

Take a look at this unfortunate case of Jenn Morrone from 2013. Jenn went to her dentist appointment for a standard root canal procedure, but ended up with becoming permanently blind in her right eye. A fumbled instrument hit her eye during her procedure. She was not wearing protective eyewear and bacteria was transferred from her mouth to her eye. She wasn’t immediately led to an eyewash station and was handed a tissue. The next morning she woke up with pain and a severe infection.

eyeprotection_5Following this incident, and the months of recovery, Jenn has launched a campaign called #jennsvision to promote the very necessary importance of protective eyewear. She has received a great deal support in her efforts. “I want the wonderful people in the industry to know that the patient needs to wear eye protection, and it needs to be ANSI-certified to protect your patients” Jenn says.

It’s due to stories like these – as unfortunately Jenn’s case is not a singular one – that we not only strive to care for you, our patients, but educate you so that you can be protected for the future. It is not just about your teeth, it is about total body health, inside and out.

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