As Oral Cancer Awareness Month continues, we would like to tell you about the Oral Cancer screening device that we use. It is called the VELscope® and it is a non-invasive, life-changing device.

Most of us have experienced one of those annoying, little sores in our mouths. Usually, these sores go away on their own, and were probably caused by stress or a minor burn from a hot cup of coffee. However, if these sores do not disappear on tissue-fluorescence-visualizationtheir own, or linger a little longer than normal, this could be an early sign of Oral Cancer. It is important to let your dental hygienist know about these areas of concern.

While the conventional exam is still significant to tracking your health and potential Cancer risks, the tissue-fluorescence-visualizationVELscope® takes an Oral Cancer screening to the next level… literally! The UV light allows our hygienists to see beneath the skin’s surface and assess your condition on a cellular level. This helps us more accurately determine if you need to have a biopsy or just wait a few minutes for your coffee to cool the next time you have your morning “cup o’ joe.”

Since HPV is now confirmed through recent research as one of the leading risk factors for Oral Cancer, the VELscope® exam is significant for adults of all ages. The statistics for survival with early detection are significantly higher, reaching as high as 85% versus only 50% with late stage diagnosis.

We want the odds to be in your favor, which is why we are offering 50% off VELscope exams throughout the month of April. Let our team of Dental Hygienists help you #fightoralcancer in just a few minutes with our Oral Cancer Screening!

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