Why Farber Center

Brilliant results. Healthy life.

We deliver optimum health through excellence, technology, and real understanding.

We believe in the things that are most important to you in Periodontics.

1. Brilliant results – Not all Periodontists are the same. Dr Farber and his associates are committed to providing the best results anywhere. They do this because they believe that periodontics done right, by a periodontist with the right training and knowledge, not only makes your mouth healthier, but your whole self as well. We believe in a connection between oral health and your general health and approach our treatments with your whole health in mind. Highly experienced, Dr. Farber has been practicing for over 25 years and excels in high-end technical work. He is passionate about continuing education, allowing him to expand his expertise in oral health. Dr. Farber facilitates Continuing Education as

  • The Director of the Long Island Dental Forum
  • Assistant Clinical Professor in Periodontics, SUNY StonyBrook School of Dental Medicine
  • ITI Study Club of Long Island
  • In-Office Periodontal Team training
  • Assisting General Dentists with Chartless Education Programs
  • Assisting General Dentists with Marketing and Social Media
  • Implant Hands-On Courses

2. Technology – We are diligent in our efforts to provide the latest in dental technology. This means a better diagnosis, faster treatments with less pain, and a better recovery for you. We utilize a chartless system and are fully digitized to service patients quickly and reduce our impact on the environment.  Our state-of-the-art dental implant placement process is unmatched in results and experience. If it’s on the leading edge of periodontal technology, you’ll most likely find it in our office.                         Learn More>>

3. Understanding – You will feel listened to and you will feel empowered. Real understanding is a two part process. It starts with careful listening and ends with meaningful education. We listen to you, take time to carefully answer questions and provide a thorough exam. We also want to ensure you’re educated about your state of health and treatment options. We believe that through meaningful education of your specific needs you can make confident and informed decisions about your health.            View Our Patient Testimonials

Brilliant results, the latest technology and genuine understanding are important to us because they result in a better experience for you. This is how we show we care. It is because of this sincere care for the well-being of our patients that our patients love us.