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Hauppauge, NY 11788

The team at Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants are specialists in Periodontics. Our practice emphasis is in the conservative treatment of gum diseases, cosmetic procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile, and dental implants that can replace single, multiple or all missing teeth. We also diagnose and treat oral pathology.

When to See a Periodontist

Periodontal treatment may be sought in several ways. Your general dentist or hygienist may recommend a consultation with a periodontist if they find signs of periodontal disease through the course of a checkup. You may also decide to see a periodontist on your own, no referral is necessary to be seen at our office.

If you experience any of these symptoms, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at our office without delay:

  • Bleeding while brushing or eating normal foods. Unexplained bleeding while performing regular cleaning or consuming food is the most common sign of a periodontal infection.
  • Bad breath. Ongoing halitosis (bad breath), which continues despite rigorous oral cleaning, can point to periodontitis, gingivitis or the beginnings of a gum infection.
  • Loose teeth and gum recession. Longer-looking and loose-feeling teeth can indicate recession of the gums and/or bone loss as a result of periodontal disease.
  • Related health concerns. Patients with heart disease, diabetes, osteopenia or osteoporosis are often diagnosed with correlating periodontal infections. The bacterial infection can spread through the bloodstream, affecting other areas of the body.

A Healthy Smile is Only a Call Away!

Call Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants for Periodontal Treatment you can Trust: 631-265-4442

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