Transform Your Smile with Precision: Explore the World of X-Guided Dental Implant Surgery

The more accurate your dental implant surgery, the better your results and recovery. That’s why the Long Island periodontists of Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants offer a revolutionary approach to dental implant placement with X-guided technology. As the gold standard for precision in implant placement, X-guided implant surgery represents a significant leap forward in restoring smiles with missing teeth. 

At our Hauppauge and Medford offices, we’re dedicated to offering cutting-edge solutions for more exact implant placement. Uncover the benefits of X-guided dental implant surgery by calling our Hauppauge Office at 631-265-4442 or our Medford Office at 631-758-3700. Your journey to a confident and radiant smile begins with the innovation of X-guided technology.

What Is X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation?

X-Guide, our cutting-edge 3D navigational system, empowers our periodontists to visualize precise movements and achieve unparalleled precision and control when placing dental implants. Integrating this advanced digital scanning software into our existing capabilities has significantly elevated the efficacy of our cone beam 3D imaging.

In the realm of dental surgery, computer-guided dental implant surgery stands out as an innovative field, and X-Guide serves as a key instrument that provides our periodontists with a real-time view of the position, angle, and depth of your oral cavity on a computer screen during the procedure. X-Guide has a GPS-like function to scan the surgical site, navigate drill positions, and guide our oral surgeons to precise locations as they meticulously plan and execute the surgery.

Benefits of X-Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Beyond the initial benefits mentioned, X-Guide delivers a host of additional advantages, making it a pivotal technology in the realm of dental implant surgery.

Saves Time: X-Guide streamlines the dental implant placement process, significantly reducing the time required for surgery. The system’s real-time navigation allows our periodontists to efficiently plan and execute each step, minimizing procedural duration while ensuring precision and accuracy.

Improves Accuracy: The unparalleled precision afforded by X-Guide is a cornerstone of its benefits. With dynamic 3D navigation, our Long Island oral surgeons can visualize the exact positioning of dental implants to surrounding anatomical structures, optimizing accuracy and minimizing the risk of complications.

Provides Same-Day Surgery Options: X-Guide opens the door to same-day surgery possibilities, offering convenience and efficiency for eligible patients. With the technology’s enhanced planning capabilities, our Long Island oral surgeons can often perform implant placement and restoration in a single visit, streamlining the treatment process.

Allows for Complete Treatment in One Location: Consolidating treatment in one location is a unique advantage facilitated by X-Guide. Patients can experience the full spectrum of dental implant care, from initial planning to surgery, and potentially even restoration, all within the same office. This comprehensive approach enhances patient comfort and continuity of care.

Requires Minimal Incisions: X-Guide’s precision extends to minimizing incisions needed for dental implant surgery. This results in reduced trauma to surrounding tissues, faster healing times, and an overall enhanced patient experience.

Reduces Cost: Beyond its clinical advantages, X-Guide contributes to cost efficiency in dental implant procedures. By streamlining the surgical process and potentially eliminating the need for multiple appointments, patients may experience cost savings without compromising the quality of care.

THE X-GUIDE PROCESS: Elevating Precision in Implant Placement


Before your implant surgery with X-Guide, you’ll have a consultation with one of our Long Island oral surgeons. Your consultation is when your implant surgeon will detail the process of X-guided dental implant surgery, answer any questions, or address any concerns you may have. They’ll also review your dental implant treatment options with you to ensure you get the best result.  

3D Impressions and Scans

The X-Guide makes a meticulous impression on your teeth using an X-Clip. This specially designed clip allows the creation of detailed 3D scans of the specific area under consideration. This initial step ensures the treatment plan is tailored precisely to your unique dental anatomy.

Tracking Device Placement

The next phase in the X-Guide process involves the strategic placement of tracking devices. One device is positioned in your mouth, while another is affixed to the instrument your oral surgeon will use during the implant surgery. Both tracking devices are registered to the X-Guide system, establishing a seamless connection between the surgeon and your mouth for control of planned treatment and real-time surgical guidance.


With the 3D scans, precise impressions, and tracking devices in place, our periodontists utilize the X-Guide software to meticulously plan your implant restoration. This detailed preparation ensures that every aspect of the surgery aligns with the patient care predetermined treatment plan, setting the stage for optimal outcomes.

Implant Surgery

The culmination of the X-Guide process unfolds during the implant surgery itself. With the pre-established surgical plan as their guide and under real-time computer guidance, our periodontists expertly perform the surgery. This advanced system allows for exact placement and unparalleled precision, elevating the overall success and aesthetic outcome of the implant placement and contributing to a streamlined and efficient surgical experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is X-guided dental implant surgery suitable for all types of dental implant surgeries?

X-Guide is versatile and can be applied to various dental implant surgeries, including single implant position, and multiple implant placements. Its adaptability makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of cases.

Are there any additional costs associated with the use of X-Guide in dental implant procedures?

While the utilization and implant delivery of advanced surgical implant technology like X-guide may be associated with some additional costs, many patients find that the benefits, such as increased precision and potentially reduced recovery times, outweigh the associated expenses. It’s advisable to discuss any potential costs with your dental implant provider who provides this state-of-the-art technology.

Is X-guide dental implant surgery safe, and does it expose me to additional radiation during the implant procedure?

X-Guide uses cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), which exposes patients to minimal radiation compared to traditional CT scans. The system prioritizes your safety while providing the necessary imaging for the precise planning and execution of implant surgeries.

Is X-Guide technology available at all dental practices, or is it specific to certain locations?

X-Guide technology is becoming increasingly available in dental practices that prioritize advanced implant procedures. However, its availability may vary from one dental practice to another. Patients interested in X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation for their dental implant surgery should inquire with their dental provider to determine if this technology is offered at their chosen practice.

Unlock Your Confident Smile with X-Guide Precision!

X-Guide isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for transforming smiles. When paired with the expertise of one of our seasoned periodontists, Drs. Farber, Batalias, Chondrogiannis, or Wang, it becomes a powerhouse for achieving unparalleled precision in dental implant procedures. The synergy of cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals has resulted in heightened patient satisfaction and radiant, healthy smiles. 

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