Sinus Augmentation Makes Dental Implants Possible for More People

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Sinus Augmentation

Sinus lift surgery, also referred to as sinus augmentation, makes it possible to place dental implants in the molar and premolar area of the upper jaw when sufficient bone is not present. It also is needed if your sinuses are too close to the jawbone to allow room for implants. During the procedure, bone is added between your lower (maxillary) sinuses, which are located under your cheeks beside your nose, and your upper jaw. The sinus membrane needs to be lifted surgery to create room for more bone. Farber Center is among Long Island’s leading providers of sinus lifts which in recent years have become more prevalent. They allow upper dental implants in patients who would have been unable to have them previously. Several factors may be responsible for insufficient bone height to allow room for implants in the upper jaw molar area. These include periodontal disease, expansion of sinuses as we age, earlier loss of teeth after which bone was absorbed into the body, or the simple anatomical fact that upper jawbone height is less than its lower counterpart. Any of these causes can be resolved with a sinus augmentation procedure, making you a candidate for implants that would not be possible otherwise.

Patient education and presenting all treatment options is essential at Farber Center. If you desire implants, our goal is to offer state-of-the-art procedures to make them available for more patients. X-rays and CT scans provide views of bone height in the upper molar and premolar areas, indicating when a sinus augmentation would be needed. After a lift, you will wait for some time for the new bone material to become hard and fuse with your jaw. Then your dental implant procedure can proceed.

What Happens During a Sinus Lift Procedure?

sinus lift augmentation procedure long island

Illustration of a Sinus Lift

First and most importantly, you will be placed under anesthesia to assure your comfort during treatment. Next, your surgeon will open the gum tissue in the upper molar area where dental implants will replace missing teeth. As the gingival tissue is pulled back, the bone is exposed, and a small oval slot is made that allows the sinus membrane above to be lifted. Several millimeters of bone-material are packed into the slot it will harden in time will enable a dental implant to be placed within the bone and staying below the sinus membrane. Once everything is complete, the area will be closed up with stitches.

After a sinus lift, most patients only experience a little discomfort. Also, it will be vital that you carefully follow the prescribed post-surgery procedure. It can include saline sprays to keep your inner nose moist as well as medications to ease congestion and prevent inflammation. Often you’ll also receive an antibiotic and be instructed to rinse thoroughly with an antimicrobial mouthwash. During your follow-up visit, we will check the surgery site and remove stitches when or if needed. After that, you may be asked to return for additional visits to monitor the healing process. As soon as the new bone material hardens, you will proceed to the implant procedure itself.

With Sufficient Upper Jaw Bone in Place, You Can Get Dental Implants

Best dental implants Long Island for sinus lifts in Suffolk County NY and Nassau County NYSinus lifts, as shown at the right, make upper implants possible for some people. Dental implants are small titanium screws placed in the jawbone during oral surgery to replace the root of a missing tooth. In time, the jawbone grows and fuses an implant with the living bone and holds it in place. As they are placed and heal, they will support individual teeth or work together to hold an entire row of teeth. Therefore, replacement teeth secured by dental implants are part of the jawbone and can serve as a firm, longer-lasting element of a new smile. For those requiring sinus augmentation to increase upper bone depth, it is an initial step before the process begins.

Because Farber Center practices holistic dentistry, Farber Center also notes the role dental implants can play in maintaining a stronger jaw bone. Their primary benefit is replacing teeth, but they also provide a great-looking new smile and the bone strengthening that occurs can helps slow or prevent future jawbone loss. The facial structure also can benefit, and if you’re concerned about appearance, it means your face will remain fuller and more youthful. With better oral health supported in part by dental implants, you’ll look better and be firmly biting into all the foods you enjoy without worries.

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Farber Center Provides Multiple Tooth Replacement Options

Best Long Island dental implants in Suffolk County NY and Nassau County NY in Hauppauge and Medford NYTaking a patient-centered approach means Farber Center has your needs in mind first and foremost. Each member of our team, dentists, periodontists, technicians, has a commitment to offering you helpful information before procedures are scheduled so that you can make more informed decisions. With Long Island dental implants, a majority of our patients report being satisfied. Our team members will give you a complete rundown before any treatment begins so that you can make the decision you feel is best. Offering procedures such as sinus augmentation is part of our commitment to making as many treatment options available to as many patients as possible.

Your initial consultation will consist of an informational visit with details about different treatments. CT scans and x-rays may be used to evaluate your jawbone condition and determine options that may be available to you. No single method is best for everyone, but if you have an interest in 1-Day-Smile, All-on-4 or holistic dental implants and need a sinus lift first, we can help. With a range of service under one roof, we can provide more personal care than some of the other periodontal and implant practices in the area. No matter what you need, sinus augmentation or anything related, let us be your first stop to improving and maintaining your oral health.