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ceramic implants

Ceramic implants have specific advantages over metal implants.  They’re not only more aesthetic, but they’re not subject to corrosion and don’t trigger metal allergies.

Ceramic Implants: A Holistic Option

There are two type of dental implants on the market today, ceramic and titanium implants. Ceramic implants have been used in our practice for about five years at this point.  One reason that we would use a ceramic dental implant is by request of the patient who is concerned about metal. Our more holistic patients refuse to have any metal in their mouth because some people report allergies to certain metals.

The ceramic implants are proving to be very durable and an excellent alternative to metal implants.  The mechanical strength of ceramic dental implants has improved greatly over time.  Another advantage of ceramic dental implants is that unlike any metal, ceramic are not subject to corrosion over time.

Another reason that I may use ceramic is that the restorative doctor has requested that type of material in a specific case. Pure or other ceramic implants do not have a metal color showing; there is more of a body color match, which can be more desirable if that is a patient’s concern. Studies out of Europe show extremely high success rates with ceramic implants.  The highest percentage of most of our implants today are still titanium, but the number of ceramics implants being used seems to be on the increase.

However, I do not see ceramic implants taking over and making titanium implants obsolete. There is a limitation of what you can do when it comes to zirconia implants. With zirconia implants the abutment position is very critical.  However, when you are placing a titanium implant you have more latitude as far as the abutment portion is concerned.  You can angle the titanium implant where the abutment comes out of the tissue at a much higher angle than you can on a ceramic implant.


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