LAPIP Surgery for Dental Implants

Long Island LAPIP surgery for dental implants in Nassau County, at our Medford NY dental clinic and in Suffolk County in Hauppauge NYLaser surgery offers promise for treating gum disease that may develop around older dental implants. In this case, the treatment method is known as the Laser-Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure or LAPIP. The PerioLase MVP-7 dental laser can be directed to the hard and soft tissue surrounding an implant for less invasive and more comfortable surgery to treat infection and save your implants. Discussing LAPIP and issues that may affect older implants also reinforces the importance of maintaining good oral health with brushing and flossing at home as well as regular check-ups and cleanings at the dentist. Your implants need the same care as natural teeth, and a consistent oral hygiene routine benefits your mouth and breath as well as whole-body health.

Protect Your Investment in Implants

In a LAPIP procedure, our periodontists guide the PerioLase MVP-7 along the gum line around your dental implants to remove infected tissue and kill bacteria. As your treatment is concluded, the laser seals the gum tissue and helps stimulate the healing process. Just as with other laser dental surgeries, LAPIP is less invasive than traditional methods, produces fewer side-effects, and patients report faster healing time and less discomfort as their implants are saved. It doesn’t matter if you received your dental implants from a different Long Island dentist, Farber Center will accept you as a new patient and offer you the same advanced laser periodontal surgery. Saving implants is as essential to our mission as saving teeth and helping you maintain optimal oral health.

Phases of LAPIP for Peri-Implantitis

Laser gum surgery Long Island LANAP. The LANAP protocol for periodontitis

Laser-Assisted for Perio Implantitis (LAPIP) Saves Failing Implants

LAPIP is laser gum treatment that is proven to save bone around teeth.

Before LAPIP 93 yr old female patient

One year after LAPIP treatment.

After: One year post op LAPIP 93 yr old female patient

LAPIP Case 1

lapip case three before


lapip case three after


LAPIP Case 2

lapip case two before


lapip case two after


LAPIP Case 3

lapip before


lapip after