Tooth Extraction and Replacement

At Farber Center, we offer the most caring tooth removal and oral surgery Long Island has available. We understand many people may feel apprehensive about needing a tooth extraction. As a result, our dentists are gentle and compassionate and always provide anesthesia to make the procedure more comfortable. Because our oral surgeons use the best methods, and we have the most up-to-date dental surgical facilities, tooth removal procedures are quick and as pain-free as possible. Farber Centers patient-centered philosophy guides everything we do, and your comfort and peace of mind are of paramount importance to us.

You also can rest assured that before any tooth extractions are performed, we will explore every option to save the tooth. Our periodontal services are complete and second to none. Therefore, the choice to make will be yours to make, but before doing so, you will hear about any advanced treatments that can save your tooth or a group of teeth. When removal is necessary, the next important question is about replacement. Farber Center is a leader in dental implants and other tooth replacement procedures and has one of Long Island’s most extensive dental and periodontal service offerings.

Tooth Removal with Compassion

Long Island oral surgeons for tooth Removal and Socket Grafting in with dentist offices in Hauppauge and Medford NY. Long Island oral surgery.

When you’re referred to an oral surgeon for tooth extraction, your first reaction might be to feel apprehensive. We understand it is a common feeling for patients to experience. It’s also why during your first visit to Farber Center, we will offer explanations and a treatment plan to help you feel better informed and put your mind at ease. We also will include a thorough examination and evaluation during your first visit to confirm the tooth does indeed need to be removed. With advanced periodontal laser surgery and an array of advanced tooth-saving treatments at our disposal, we may be able to offer you options not available elsewhere.

In general, when a situation occurs indicating tooth removal, it generally revolves around one or more of the conditions below.

  • Teeth that have become loose because of periodontal disease;
  • Teeth that are severely decayed or broken down;
  • Teeth that have been damaged due to trauma; or,
  • Bone loss.

When one or more of these factors are present, we may advise extracting the tooth or teeth impacted. But before you need to make such a serious decision, we will make sure you are thoroughly informed about all potential options and treatments. Also, we will discuss dental implants and other replacement options so that you can decide based on the outcome you feel best suits your needs.

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Site Preservation after Extraction

Long Island tooth site preservation for dental implants in Suffolk County, Hauppauge NY and Nassau County Medford NY.

The best oral surgeons use great care in preserving and restoring the spot where a tooth has been removed, and in dental terminology, this is referred to as site preservation. To preserve your smile, firm bite and ability to eat the foods you want, quickly replacing is essential, Of course, there is more than one replacement option available at Farber Center, with dental implants being the gold standard. Many patients choose to replace a lost tooth with an implant because of their natural appearance, strength, and potential to last a lifetime.

Site preservation and restoration are the number-one priority as the tooth is extracted and going forward. The key in a well performed oral surgery is to preserve as much bone and tissue as possible as the tooth comes out. Once the extraction is complete, a treatment plan for the site is essential. If needed, our dentists and periodontists will introduce bone growth material and a special membrane to promote healing and bone growth before as they carefully close the extraction site. This precise attention to detail provides an excellent foundation and adequate bone for implant placement and also can be beneficial to other teeth, bone, and gum tissue nearby.

If you will be choosing to replace any teeth you have lost with dental implants, proper site preservation and restoration during and immediately after your tooth extraction is important. When it is done properly from the beginning, the replacement process will run more smoothly, comfortably and economically.

Bone Grafting and Guided Bone Regeneration

Long Island oral surgery in Nassau County, Medford NY.Bone grafting and regeneration

If you’re having a tooth or group of teeth removed that have been diseased, chances are there could have been damage or loss of the underlying jaw bone. Also, if a tooth has been missing for some time, there can be atrophy or reabsorption of bone in the tooth sockets. When bone loss has occurred, there may be an impact in your choice of replacement options, especially if you choose to have a dental implant.

Therefore, when teeth and bone are lost due to oral disease or trauma, preserving your smile and the ability to bite and chew whatever you choose may require jawbone restoration. When it comes to these treatments, Farber Center is a leader among Long Island oral surgeons and periodontists. We offer advanced periodontal lasers and grafting techniques to help re-grow missing bone and nearby periodontal structures. It supports future implants and also importantly better supports adjacent natural teeth.

Oral Surgery and Tooth Extraction Patient Education Videos

The more you understand, the more comfortable you will feel even when undergoing oral surgery for a tooth extraction. Especially if your needs may be a bit more complicated than a routine tooth removal, please consider viewing these dental patient education videos to understand more about the treatment you may elect to receive. They also include an overview of your option to have a dental implant and how it will be placed to last a lifetime. Farber Center is dedicated to saving your teeth, and in cases where it is not possible, replacing them comfortably, beautifully and within your budget.

Surgical Extraction

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