Implant-Supported Dentures Change Your Life for the Better

Permanent dentures supported by dental implantsIf you’ve been struggling with a set that is loose and removable, permanent dentures can be a revelation. When you have All-on-4 implant-supported dentures, you’ll have great-looking teeth and a firm bite that lets you eat whatever you want to. It is an ideal way to enjoy many of the benefits of dental implants at a lower cost when you need to replace an entire arch of teeth. At Farber Center in Hauppauge and Medford, NY, our goal is to offer the most effective permanent dentures Long Island has available. All-on-4 is among the most popular and effective tooth replacement options we offer and Farber Center has been a leader in introducing it to the area.

Wearing a permanent denture supported by implants gives you back nearly all the look and function you had with natural teeth. You’ll have a beautiful smile that boosts your self-confidence and makes you look like yourself again. Equally importantly, you’ll get back to ordering all of the foods you enjoy again. The firm bite of a permanent denture allows you to chew and eat all of the crunchy foods without fear of anything slipping. Because it’s anchored by implants that fuse to the jawbone like real teeth, things will hold in place securely no more anxiety or messy adhesives that only partially do the job.

How Are Permanent Dentures Different?

Permanent dentures stay in the place they don’t come out at night or any time and you brush and floss around them the way you do with natural teeth. It’s a very different experience from removable dentures, and one that nearly everyone agrees is a significant improvement. When you have All-on-4, it means that an entire row of upper or lower teeth is supported by as few as four implants. On the day of your procedure, you’ll leave the office with a beautiful set of temporary teeth already in place. You’ll follow a careful diet while the implants heal, and your permanent replacement teeth are fabricated. 

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Fixed Dentures Have Advantages | Implants Provide the Strength

With dental implants, you have as much as 90-percent of the bite strength of real teeth, and the All-on-4 teeth look great. It’s the strategic placement of the four implants that makes this all possible and assisted by computer-guided technology. With conventional implants, proper bone density is required in the exact spot where the replacement tooth will go. But all of this changes with All-on-4 because the implants can be placed strategically where you have the most significant bone depth. It lowers the chances of you needing bone augmentation, which speeds up treatment time and can reduce never a time when you’re without teeth.

Fixed dentures, in other words, permanent dentures, receive much more favorable ratings from patients compared to other alternatives. The fact that they can be held in place with as few as four implants and never slip or move is an enormous advantage. Also, the home-care routine is the same flossing and brushing as natural teeth are seen as a desirable benefit. Traveling with a toothbrush and floss dispenser is vastly easier than bringing overnight soaking cups, special cleaning tablets, and tubes of adhesive. It is why implant-supported bridges have transformed tooth replacement for so many people.

Another significant advantage of any implant method is the preservation of the underlying jawbone. When teeth are lost and the sockets left open, a natural process known as bone resorption occurs. It means the body takes back the minerals and the bone recedes. When this happens, facial appearance can change, and any existing teeth left in the mouth can be affected. The bone fusion that occurs with implants, osseointegration in medical terms, preserves, and holds the original bone in place. It is much preferable to bone loss and the deterioration of your jaw and facial bone structure.

We Are Well Known for Permanent Dentures Using All-on-4

When you come to us at Farber Center, you’re trusting your dental care and tooth replacement to a dedicated team of holistic dentists and periodontists. Our mission is to treat gum disease and save teeth. But when it is not possible, we replace them with state-of-the-art options. We’re among Long Island’s leading providers of full-arch permanent dentures and All-on-4. Because we are both experienced and dedicated to excellence, you can rest assured you’ll have outstanding treatment. Your comfort and peace of mind are of great importance to us. We provide anesthesia services to keep you comfortable throughout all phases of any implant procedure.

If you’ve been searching for permanent dentures, we are ready to help at either our Medford, NY or Hauppauge, NY dentist offices. We strive to improve your oral health and maintain your oral and whole-body health. It’s our holistic way of looking at each dental patient and making sure we provide the best care possible. When teeth are lost, or you suffer from gum disease, your quality of life and self-esteem suffer. Our goal is to help you stay healthy and keep you smiling. If you would like more information about Long Island’s best permanent dentures, please call or visit us today.