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Non-Metallic Ceramic Dental Implants

Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants is proud to provide the most advanced dental implants Long Island has to offer. Introducing NobelPearl zirconia implants they are ceramic and contain no metal. If you are interested in more holistic dental treatments in harmony with nearby soft tissue, we suggest you give strong consideration to NobelPearl. Implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement for most people. They look great, help support adjacent teeth and jawbone, and provide a firm bite that’s virtually the same as natural teeth. As holistic dentists, we dedicate ourselves to saving teeth, but when it is not possible, NobelPearl dental implants are among the best replacement options.

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Dr. Farber is on the leading edge of implant dentistry and continually offers patients the newest and most advanced options. Ceramic dental implants such as NobelPearl have specific differences from traditional titanium that many people consider to be important. For example, ceramic implants can be better tolerated in people who naturally have thinner oral mucosa (tissue in the mouth). Zirconia implants are also an option for people with titanium allergies. They also have excellent soft-tissue adhesion, are unfriendly to plaque, and as they heal have micro-circulatory dynamics comparable to natural teeth. All of these factors indicated they are well accepted by the body which is an advantage for any permanent or long-term dental or medical device.

How are Ceramic Dental Implants with the NobelPearl Different?

Ceramic dental implants in Long Island, Suffolk County, NYCeramic implants, including NobelPearl, have specific advantages. Because preserving jawbone is one of the essential benefits of all implants, the osseointegration (bone fusing) capabilities are notable. NobelPearl uses zerafil on the lower portion that fuses to the bone. The implant screw itself is a metal-free fiber-reinforced polymer and the ATZ zirconia used is higher strength than other versions of zirconia. Each of these high-quality and high-performance elements gives you greater peace of mind in selecting NobelPearl. Also, zirconia is shown to have a low plaque affinity which can be an advantage in the long run for better oral health.

Many patients chose ceramic implants because they perform and last comparable to titanium versions, but eliminate metal. Advanced materials provide exceptional strength, and for some people who have thinner tissues in the mouth, they can have advantages. The key to everything with implants is how well they heal and are tolerated by the body. In the case of NobelPearl implants, studies have shown the tiny blood vessels around zirconia (ceramic) implants were comparable to natural teeth. It is an indicator of the body’s tolerance and acceptance of the materials used.

If You’re Considering Ceramic Implants, Why Choose Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants?

Among Long Island holistic dentists providing ceramic dental implants, we are a leader in advanced dental treatments and new options. We’re proud to offer NobelPearl implants for patients who prefer non-metal options. At our implant clinic locations in Medford NY and Hauppauge, NY, we feature a range of dental implant and periodontal services. They are provided by a dedicated team of periodontists, dentists, and dental technicians. For your comfort and peace of mind, we offer anesthesia, maintain on-site laboratories, and have the latest diagnostic and laser surgery treatments. Our founder Alan Farber, DDS, is accredited in periodontics and has dedicated our practice to saving teeth. When keeping them is not possible, we offer a complete range of tooth replacement options like NobelPearl zirconia (ceramic) implants.

To save time and cost, we custom fabricate implants on-site at Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants, which is different from many other practices that send out to off-site laboratories. We put you closer to all experts in the field because we offer everything under one roof. The Center is a leading provider of NobelPearl, which genuinely is a breakthrough in terms of technology and performance compared to other implant options. If you’re someone who prefers non-metal implants or whose body will respond better to NobelPearl, we want to offer you the choice, especially to patients that are allergic to titanium. Of all of the holistic dentist offices in the Long Island area, we are known for comprehensive services across a range of dental and periodontal needs.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Implants look nearly identical to natural teeth, and that is the primary most people choose them versus other tooth-replacement methods. But also importantly, dental implants can help maintain jaw bone. They fuse to the bone at the site of the original tooth, with the ceramic or titanium screw taking the place of the tooth root. If the socket is left open after a tooth is extracted, a process known as bone resorption occurs, which means you lose bone that supports teeth. Therefore, the implants help preserve bone and can maintain your jaw and facial structure. If teeth are lost and not replaced, there can be a change in appearance that can be aging. With you maintain oral health with dental implants like NobelPearl, you’ll keep your appearance and enjoy all the foods you like without compromise.

Why are Implants a Good Tooth Replacement Option?

A dental implant is composed of a ceramic or titanium screw that is placed in the jawbone during minor surgery. As it heals over time, the bone regrows around the implant, fusing it to your jaw, holding it firmly in place. That’s why we offer implants similar to ceraroot for patients who may have an allergic reaction to titanium. After your implants have been placed and healed, they hold a replacement tooth on top that has an appearance virtually identical to a natural tooth. One of the significant advantages of implants over other tooth-replacement methods is the restoration of a firm bite. The bite strength of an implant is as much as 90-percent the same as a natural tooth which means biting into apples and eating corn-on-the-cob will be just the same as always. Millions of patients have implants as long-lasting and well-performing replacements for teeth they have lost.

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Patient Education is a Priority at Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants

Let’s Discuss a Range of Options with You:

Everyone on the Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants team takes a patient-centered approach. No matter what the reason for your visit or what treatment options might be available to you, will strive to provide you with complete information. Your ability to make an informed decision is essential and with implants, we can describe the differences and advantages of zirconia (ceramic) and titanium. We also have experience with thousands of patients who can guide the advice we provide to you. For example, with implants, we can discuss their high satisfaction and success rates. It’s also valuable to keep in mind the appearance and firm bite benefits as well because these can mean a lot in your daily life. No one ever wants to lose a tooth, but when it happens, finding a great replacement is essential.

Beginning with your initial visit, we will provide free consultations and a review of possible treatments. CT scans may be taken to evaluate the bone condition and confirm your candidacy for specific options, including NobelPearl ceramic implants. We feel that no single solution is best for everyone. But as you learn more about the potential advantages of zirconia implants, you may likely feel interested. They provide Beautiful looking, tight-fitting new teeth that give you a firm bite and let you eat what you want. Dr. Farber’s mission is to save your teeth but if it becomes impossible, to offer advanced replacement options like NobelPearl zirconia implants.

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