Perioscopy Advances Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Perioscopy is an advanced periodontal treatment in Long Island

A Newer Method Using a Dental Endoscope Can Help Avoid Gum Surgery

Before and after non-surgical periodontal treatment in Long IslandPerioscopy non-surgical periodontal treatment is among the advanced procedures to treat gum disease available at Farber Center. This newer holistic dental method goes below the gum line to pinpoint problem areas down to a minute level. It’s all thanks to a small, fiber optic dental endoscope that produces Images of your periodontal pockets to 20-40x magnification. The clear, immediate imaging enables us to provide more accurate and less invasive treatment because we work where you need it. For a substantial number of patients, better deep cleanings can help avoid the need for gum surgery. If you’ve already had scaling and root planing, Perioscopy on future periodontal maintenance visits will help improve your oral health.

For you, as a patient, Perioscopy helps your treatment be minimally invasive and therefore, more comfortable. By providing advanced visualization, it genuinely raises the standard of your oral care and helps us treat gum disease holistically and work to prevent tooth loss. For us at Farber Center, offering Perioscopy is another part of our commitment to provide the most advanced non-surgical periodontal treatment Long Island has to offer. It allows us to detect a variety of periodontal and dental problems in their earlier states. Earlier on, we can treat and manage them more easily. If you’ve has inflammation or bleeding gums, you owe it to yourself to visit Farber Center for an exam and evaluation.

Recent advances in holistic non-surgical periodontal treatment includes Perioscopy.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

Perioscopy is an alternative to oral surgery that can improve gum health.

Perioscopy using the
Dental Endoscope

Perioscopy is now available as a non-surgical holistic periodontal treatment in Long Island.

A thoroughly clean root surface leads to a healthy tissue response.

How Does Perioscopy Work?

The dental endoscope machine replaces traditional oral surgery with non-surgical periodontal treatment.Perioscopy is a non-surgical examination procedure made possible by a dental endoscope. The endoscope, in this case, is a miniature camera attached to a tiny fiber-optic probe that gently works below the gum line. It provides advanced video, lighting, and magnification capabilities. During the procedure, your periodontist or hygienist can view, diagnose, and plan treatment for areas below the gum line. Perioscopy provides 20-40X magnification that shows even minute details under you gums that easily could have been missed with less advanced examination methods.

Because early detection and prompt treatment of gum disease are so important, the imaging provided by Perioscopy is crucial. Earlier methods were more invasive and could not produce unobstructed views. When your clinician has clear under-the-gumline images, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment can begin immediately. The pictures appear on-screen while you are in the examination chair, so the benefits are immediate. Because periodontal infections affect your oral and whole-body health, diagnosing and treating them is of great importance. Most significantly, it can help save your teeth.

Does It Hurt? How Long Does It Take? What Does It Cost?

As is the case with many more advanced options, Perioscopy is more comfortable than earlier examination methods. In general, there is minimal discomfort, if any. Also, if your periscopic exam indicates further treatment, it will be more targeted and less invasive because the images pinpoint trouble spots.

You will spend a bit more time on your exam because of the intricate clinical nature of Perioscopy. Therefore, it takes a bit longer than standard exams. The exact amount depends on the location and condition of the teeth and gums being cared for, but assume the appointment will be in the range of 1-2 hours. The benefits far outweigh the time investment and in the long-run make a difference.

In terms of cost, Perioscopy is typically less expensive than gum surgery and can be equally effective at helping to save your teeth. It receives favorable reviews from patients who have undergone the procedure and is an increasingly popular option. Additionally, some patients who might not have been candidates for oral surgery for other reasons many times can have periscopic treatment. It, therefore, provides them with new options to save their teeth. For comfort, effectiveness, and cost-benefit, it is often a method Dr. Farber and the Farber Center team can enthusiastically recommend.

I Have Periodontitis Am I a Candidate for Perioscopy? Can Gum Surgery be Avoided?

The best Perioscopy Nassau County has to offer is at Farber Center

A periodontal pocket or pockets more than four millimeters deep indicate you may be a candidate for treatment. The pockets can harbor bacteria and become inflamed, threatening your teeth, gums, and sometimes even the supportive bone below. If you have periodontitis and are receiving treatment, the goal of Perioscopy is to help your dentist and hygienist provide exceptional root cleaning. Because of the added visualization available, images produced before, during, and after the procedure, bring added accuracy and efficacy. Perioscopy is particularly useful for the smile zone the teeth you can see when you smile because it is minimally invasive.

Until now, conventional gum surgery was the option available to patients with advanced periodontitis. But now, the root cleanings available with dental endoscopy provide a non-surgical method. For patients who cannot undergo surgery, their periodontitis can be treated effectively. Also, the periscopic procedure is more comfortable and helps you avoid the discomfort and apprehension associated with surgery. Your dentist or periodontist will describe all procedures available to you so that you can decide on the method you prefer.

How is Perioscopy Beneficial to Me?

The most effective Perioscopy Suffolk County has available.

Saving your teeth is the most critical outcome if you suffer from periodontal disease. But there are other essential benefits as well. Studies have shown, and research continues to find, clear links between oral health and overall health. The low-grade infections of gum inflammation can affect the heart, circulatory, and immune systems as well as aggravate conditions such as diabetes. Because the bacteria and inflation reside in the periodontal pockets where the roots of your teeth are present, cleaning them effectively is essential. Perioscopy and the imaging capabilities it offers are significant advances in effectiveness and results.

Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants is among Long Island’s leading providers of specialized care to fight gum disease in its various forms. Dr. Farber has dedicated himself to saving teeth, and our team is equipped and trained in the newest methods of treatment. Therefore, adding Perioscopy to our list of services is an important addition to our offering. If it can help save your teeth, avoid surgery, make you more comfortable, and reduce your treatment costs, we will be pleased to discuss Perioscopy with you.

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