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A New Standard in Autogenous Graft Harvesting


KometaBio bone graft technology offers a simple and efficient way to use your own tooth material to provide superior aesthetic care. This cutting-edge technology creates the optimal bioactive scaffold for socket preservation by using your own extracted tooth as the donor bone to increase bony support in the jaw. Kometa’s Smart Dentin Grinder converts your extracted tooth into autologous graft material in seconds, creating the best source for a bone graft.

What is more natural than using your own tooth?

hopeless toothHopeless Tooth
hopeless tooth removedHopeless tooth removed and socket grafted with your own tooth product – All Natural



We at Farber Center, perform dental bone grafts when bone has been lost or more bone is needed to bulk up your jaw for additional support. To increase the amount of bone in a jaw, we take bone from elsewhere in the body and surgically fuse it with existing bone in the jaw. Using your own bone, also known as an autograft, promotes faster healing and new bone formation. This is the most natural form of grafting.




The composition of dentin, the natural bio-active material in teeth, is almost indistinguishable from bone, which allows the two to fuse together, forming a strong scaffold. Dentin contains growth factors and BMPs (Bone Morphogenic Protein) which enable fast bone healing and soft tissue response. Its excellent and dense bone quality delivers predictable bone remodeling and enhances implant stability.





KometaBio bone graft technology allows us to use your own teeth to enhance the rebuilding of a damaged site in your mouth. Your extracted tooth is a priceless source of bone regeneration for a variety of reasons.

The use of autologous dentin graft material rather than foreign materials yields:

  • Outstanding results and amazing bone formation after a just few months.
  • Easy manipulation and control for our doctors.
  • Highly predictable, increased bone quality and aesthetic outcomes.
  • Natural fusion of autogenic graft with site bone which accelerates healing.
  • A decreased risk of infection, rejection, disease transmission, or allograft-related complication.
  • Bone replacement remodeling over time, resulting in a near impossible distinction from native bone.




What’s the process?

Once we’ve extracted your tooth, we clean it, dry it, and place it in our Smart Dentin Grinder which pulverizes it into granules. We use those granules to form a “sticky graft” that we place back into your mouth at the extraction site.

Why is my tooth an effective source of grafting material?

Our teeth are made of dentin which fuses to the site bone. The new bone-dentin matrix remodels so that the aesthetics of the restoration are maintained long term. In addition, the matrix attracts new bone formation at the site, thanks to the autologous nature of the graft.

Do you have to do anything to my tooth before using it?

We clean it by removing any amalgam, composite, or decay with a bur before grinding the entire tooth.

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