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Our periodontists help patients who fear the dentist with compassion and new technology. We make it our goal to ensure patients are comfortable during their visits.

Scared of the Dentist?

Sometimes our new patients vocalize their fear of the dentist. If they neglected their oral health care for a long time because of that fear they often feel embarrassed. At Farber Center we demonstrate compassion and put our patients at ease.

“When I sit down with them and get to know them, they start to feel more comfortable expressing their needs, their desires. Patients are often happy and relieved to hear about treatment options that will help them solve their dental problems,” said Dr. Alan Farber.

Unfortunately, many patients have a history of unpleasant dentistry – what Dr. Farber calls antique dentistry. In this scenario a bad experience left a lasting impression on the patient. The memories of one bad dental experience often linger for years. This leaves patients quivering at the thought of sitting in an exam chair.

The Farber Center Solution

Despite these prior experience,  many of our patients say they feel very comfortable in our office environment. Additionally, they express their faith in our team. We go out of our way to get patients numb with minimal discomfort, sometimes with no discomfort.

I have had patients ask me, “When are you going to give me the injection?” and we have already given them the injection and they did not even know it,” said Dr. Farber.

We actually purchase extra small, narrow needles. Although we don’t like using the word “needle,” our special needles make injections much easier for the patients.

Additionally, we use new topical gels that we apply to the gum tissue before giving an injection. These are produced for us by a special pharmacy known as a “compounding pharmacy.” The gel numbs the area and makes the injection much easier for the patient by minimizing discomfort.

Patients in our office find that dentistry can be comfortable because we relate to them personally and do everything possible to give them a pleasant experience. That’s what we’re all about.


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