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periodontal treatment Long Island NYAlthough fluoride is not essential to every person, fluoride can be a huge help to those who have periodontal disease.

Every patient we see in our office receives a fluoride treatment unless they do not want it. It helps in the process of fighting gum disease and maintaining your overall oral health.

What Does Fluoride Do?

Throughout the day, minerals from your teeth are lost and gained where acid attacks the teeth. In the areas where minerals are lost, this can cause tooth decay.

A fluoride treatment replaces those minerals you lost during the day from daily activities like eating.

What are the Benefits of This Treatment?

When it is absorbed into your teeth, it helps prevent cavities and reverses decay in the early stages. This can prevent decay on the root surface and the crown. Since the mineral can reach the root surface, this treatment is a great help to patients with gum recession as well.

Fluoride keeps the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) hard and strong. With strong enamel, you can prevent cavities and fight gum disease. Since gum disease can increase your risk of cavities, this treatment can greatly help those with gum disease to further prevent them.

Ultimately, fluoride treatments are part of our process of strengthening not only your oral health, but your total body health.


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