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Long Island periodontist Dr. Vasiliki BataliasLANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) produces less discomfort and faster recovery compared to a traditional periodontal gum surgery. As a certified LANAP clinician, Long Island periodontist Dr. Vasiliki Batalias sees those results firsthand.


Advantages of LANAP for a Patient

  1. It only targets the diseased tissue.
  2. The procedure kills bacteria that we are not able to kill by mechanical therapy.
  3. It is minimally invasive, making the recovery for the patient is generally much easier.

    “When patients have had their periodontal disease treated previously with traditional surgery, almost 100% of the time they comment on how much they prefer laser treatment because it is more comfortable and their recovery is faster. If this is their first time having gum treatment, they usually tell us that they took ibuprofen for the first day and were generally fine after that.”

Advantages of LANAP for Providers

There are many patients who may have recurrent disease, but absolutely refuse treatment.

LANAP gives us an opportunity to help patients who otherwise would have avoided necessary treatment.

Without dental treatment, patients face significant dental health risks, such as tooth and jawbone loss.

When it comes to treating periodontal disease, the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure has great advantages of reduced recovery time and it is a more comfortable procedure for the patient.


Dr. Vasiliki Batalias


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