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With summer on the horizon, we are looking forward to seeing more sunshine – and not just for beach days! Studies have shown that Vitamin D, which your body naturally produces when exposed to sunlight, can aid your oral health.

Vitamin D strengthens teeth and improves oral health.

Why Vitamin D?

Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial roles in the oral cavity.

It helps the body naturally destroy bacteria while decreasing inflammation of the gums.

If you’re not taking in enough Vitamin D you’re not just foregoing that summer tan. A deficiency of Vitamin D is proven to put you at risk for gum disease and other conditions.

“We know that supplementation [of Vitamin D] may also improve tooth retention, along with routine dental care and good oral hygiene,” said Elizabeth Krall, MPH, Ph.D., a researcher at Boston University Dental School and Tufts University Nutrition Research Center.

Tips For Getting in Your Vitamin D

  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin D like wild-caught fish, egg yolks, shittake mushrooms, milk, yogurt, almond milk, orange juice, breakfast cereals, oatmeal, and cheese.
  • Take a supplement: Vitamin D supplements can help you get your proper daily dose. However, too much Vitamin D can be toxic so be sure to talk to your doctor before choosing a dosage.
  • If you can’t make it outside, try sitting under ultraviolet lamps and bulbs. But, once again, before to consult your doctor first – too much time under these lamps can put you at risk for skin cancer.

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