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Are You Doing Self Check-Ups of Your Gums and Teeth?

Long Island NY periodontists for gum surgeryGum disease is a severe condition that can cause tooth loss. It also can include low-grade infections affecting other areas of your body including the cardiovascular system and central nervous system. All good dentists and dental hygienists will check your oral health during check-ups and refer you to a periodontist at the first sign of symptoms. But it’s also vital to do self-checks and be alert to any warning signs. Patient education is an essential priority for the doctors and hygienists at Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants in Long Island. The Center’s mission is to save teeth and when keeping them is not possible to replace them with comfortable, great-looking implants or other alternatives. Even if you only slightly suspect there might be a change in your oral health that could indicate periodontal disease, bring it up immediately with your oral care provider.

7 Early Warning Signs of Periodontal Disease:

Discomfort in your mouth including tender, swollen or red gums
Receding gums or separation from teeth – making your teeth appear longer
Bleeding when you brush, floss, or chew firm foods
Bad breath that won’t go away
Teeth that are loose or separating
Visible signs of infection such as pus between your teeth
Noticeable changes to your bite or the way bridges/dentures fit

early signs of gum disease which can be treated by a periodontist in Long Island NY at Farber Center with dentist offices in Hauppauge and Medford, NY.If you have any of the above symptoms and come to the Farber Center dentist offices in Hauppauge or Medford, NY, you’ll receive compassionate, state-of-the-art care from the best Long Island periodontists. Initial visits begin with complete evaluations and a helpful discussion of your treatment options. It may be as straightforward as Laser Pocket Disinfection (LPD) to eradicate millions and billions of harmful bacteria from your mouth, or more advanced laser surgery known as LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). LANAP is an FDA-approved treatment that harnesses the power of lasers to stimulate your body’s natural healing process to regenerate tissue including gums and bone. If you need treatment, the sooner you begin, the better because waiting only allows the periodontitis to progress. Laser treatments are highly effective and more comfortable than the treatment methods they replace.

Periodontal Disease Treatment Improves Whole-Body Health

Holistic dentistry helps maintain a healthy bodyIf saving your teeth is not enough of an incentive alone to treat your sum disease early, consider how important it is to your overall health. In recognition of the whole-body health issues at stake for patients, Dr. Farber is a holistic dentist in Long Island and a member of the American Academy for Systemic Health. A growing body of medical evidence connects oral health to the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, immune system and other. Low-grade periodontal infections when left untreated can affect your heart and blood vessels, and worsen the symptoms of diabetes. Healthy gums help you keep your teeth and are very important to your health overall. With effective modern treatments now available that are more comfortable, highly effective and less time consuming, there’s every reason to begin today.

In terms of comfort and effectiveness, one of the most important is the newer pinhole technique for patients requiring gum surgery to improve root coverage. Among periodontists on Long Island, the Farber Center is a leader in this helpful new surgical method. Patients are amazed at the comfort and convenience of the pinhole technique versus earlier methods. Most take only ibuprofen after surgery and resume normal activities quickly. If you have delayed or put off needed periodontal treatment because you have felt concerned about discomfort or long recovery times, nearly all of those are eliminated when you receive more modern treatment. Healthy gums are better looking and give you back your smile which can be one of the most obvious things about your appearance.

Are You Following a Good Daily Routine to Maintain Oral Health?

Preventing periodontal disease requires brushing your teeth frequently.A leading cause of periodontal disease is plaque build-up on the teeth leading to gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. Brushing often with fluoride toothpaste and flossing at least daily are essential – and swishing with an oral rinse or mouthwash can help wash away food particles between teeth that may be left behind after brushing and flossing. Age, genetics, smoking, and diet also can be factors increasing your likelihood of having inflammation and gum disease. It’s crucial to have comprehensive periodontal exams (CPEs) from dental professional routinely. During a CPE your teeth, gums, bite, plaque level, and bone structure are evaluated together to assess your risk for periodontal disease. The good news is that if it is caught early and treated well, the prognosis for improvement is good, which means your teeth can be saved and your overall health improved.

The team at Farber Center is on the leading edge of dental and periodontal practice and is among the leading Long Island periodontists. They offer virtually everything in-house even including fabrication of dental implants should your treatment plan include them. Dr. Farber practices holistic dentistry in Long Island, and everyone on the team is patient-centered in their approach. Together they offer you advanced and highly effective options that are more comfortable, cost-effective and take less time from your busy schedules. It’s essential to do your part at home to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and should you need treatment for any reason, they’re ready to help with conveniently located periodontal offices in Medford NY and Hauppauge, NY.

Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants, Long Island, NY

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