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Long Island Oral Surgery Services for Tooth Extraction

Long Island oral surgery and tooth extraction in Nassau County, Medford NY and in Suffolk County, Hauppauge NY oral surgeon Long Island.Do you have a toothache or sore area in your mouth?  Suspecting on your own – or finding out from a dentist – that you need to have a tooth removed can be an unnerving realization. But you never should put off a required extraction for several essential reasons. At Farber Center in Medford and Hauppauge, NY, we strive the offer the highest quality oral surgery Long Island has available. Your comfort and peace of mind are our number-one concern. As a result, our caring staff, leading-edge methods, and state-of-the-art facilities really can make a difference that is in your favor. With the increasing amount of evidence connecting oral health to whole-body health, it’s always important to treat or remove diseased teeth to restore and maintain good oral health.

Also, when you need to have a procedure such as a tooth extraction requiring an oral surgeon, it’s essential to select a provider with a range of treatment options. Farber Center is dedicated to saving teeth and will do everything possible to do so. But in cases where it’s not possible, making sure to perform the extraction gently and quickly is the goal. It’s also important to keep in mind that as soon as the removal is completed, care needs to be taken to preserve and perhaps restore the socket where the tooth was placed. It is essential for several reasons so that the socket can be fitted with a dental implant if you choose, and also for the health and strength of the other teeth nearby. If gums and other tissue near the diseased tooth were inflamed or infected, they need proper treatment as well.

What are the Best Options to Replace a Tooth or Group of Teeth?

Bridges and dentures were the first options and are still used by some today. But dental implants are indisputably the gold standard for tooth replacement. With Farber Center’s reputation as one of the leading Long Island periodontists, we have extensive expertise treating nearly every dental and periodontal issue. Titanium implants are an essential part of our practice, and we can fabricate them on-site. If you’re beginning to research tooth replacement options, you’ll find that dental implants are highly recommended for their durability and natural appearance. If the socket where you’ll have one placed needs enhancement or restoration following your extraction, we offer advanced treatment options. These include leading-edge therapies in which we can stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms to re-grow gum tissue and bone.

Best All-in-4 dental implants Long Island NY.If you need to have an entire row of teeth removed, which in the past could have indicated a denture or multiple implants, we proudly offer All-on-4 dental implants. This newer option has a list of advantages over traditional dentures. It is a fixed row of teeth held in place by only four implants. Therefore, you have a firm bite, greater comfort, and better appearance. All-on-4 is minimally invasive and can be cost-effective compared to other tooth replacement options. On one of the most significant advantages in terms of comfort and cost is our ability to place the four implants in locations where you have sufficient bone. It reduces the chance that you would need grafting or other bone re-generation options, which speeds up the procedure and lowers costs. Better still, your dental implants can be placed in a single day, after which you will leave with a beautiful set of temporary teeth in place. We strive to offer the high-caliber of All-on-4 Long Island is known for and our patients have come to expect.

State-of-the-Art Oral Surgery Facilities | Holistic Dentists

In addition to improving your appearance and eliminating any toothache pain you may be experiencing, removing diseased teeth is without question beneficial to your health. Low-grade infections that can be present in the gums surrounding decayed teeth show up in other major organs and systems of the body. As these teeth are removed and your oral health improved, your entire body will benefit. Studies continue, but many already complete show links between oral health and your cardiovascular and circulatory systems as well as your immune system. If you have diabetes, maintaining excellent oral hygiene and health is even more critical. We are holistic dentists, always considering your general health as we make treatment recommendations for your teeth and gums. Being healthier is every bit as important as looking better – and we can help you with both. The bottom line is that when you need a tooth extracted for any reason, Farber Center is among the best Long Island oral surgery facilities, staffed by caring and dedicated dentists and periodontists.

The best oral surgeons Long Island has to offer. Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants.


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