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Dental implant surgery by a team of holistic dentists.

Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement in the opinion of nearly all dental professionals. The strong advocacy for implants compared to other methods is supported by years of research and real-life experience. Well-placed implants are hard to tell from real teeth; they promote healthy bone structure and restore a bite strength comparable to natural teeth. It’s why our Farber Center locations in Medford NY and Hauppauge, NY, strive to be among the foremost providers of dental implants Long Island has available. We are holistic dentists, and above all are patient-centered in our practice. When you visit us for a consultation, we will provide thorough information about all of your options.

Even if you already have lost all of your teeth and wear dentures, we offer advanced systems like All-on-4® implant-supported dentures and bridges. They are cost-effective ways to enjoy the benefits of implants with less invasive and less costly treatment; and more importantly, can restore your smile in a day.  The point is always to give you great-looking replacement teeth that allow you to eat and enjoy all the foods you love. A beautiful smile is essential to your self-confidence and overall quality of life. If you’ve been living with dentures that slip and make you uneasy about biting into and chewing crunchy foods, Dr. Farber and our team can help. We are an all-under-one-roof practice, which means we fabricate everything onsite and have advanced capabilities such as computer-guided implant placement.

The Major Advantages of Dental Implants are Significant

Assuming a replacement is necessary because a natural tooth cannot be saved or repaired, a dental implant is the most natural-looking option. Because they virtually mimic the natural tooth that was lost, no one will be able to tell you have had a replacement. The implant screw takes the place of a tooth root and fuses to the jawbone as it heals. Dental implants provided by Farber Center on Long islandIt means you preserve the underlying bone that would be lost if the socket was left open, and enjoy a firm bite. Your facial structure also is preserved as the bone stays healthy and in its original size and shape. The tooth crown that sits on top of the implant is matched precisely to the original tooth and surrounding teeth. It becomes a permanent part of your smile and fits in naturally.

When using dental bridges or dental bonding, there is a danger of breaking down or damaging surrounding teeth. It occurs because of the force of biting and chewing that shifts to the nearby teeth. It doubles or triples the force they must support. A well-placed implant, on the other hand, absorbs biting and chewing impact in the same manner as the original tooth — meaning that it does not add stress to its neighbors. In the long-run, all of your teeth and bone are supported and preserved.  Because dental and periodontal issues often affect groups of teeth, keeping everything healthy and well-supported bodes well for your oral health overall.

A Firm Bite is Essential to Your Quality of Life

The bite strength of a dental implant is generally 80- to 90-percent the strength of a natural tooth. If you’ve lived with dentures, bridges, or weak/diseased teeth for any period, you understand the importance of a firm bite. The cliches about biting into apples and corn-on-the-cob do have meaning in everyday life. Implants allow you to bite into apples with confidenceIt’s embarrassing to decline these foods because you can’t eat them comfortably, not to mention the impact on your ability to eat a healthy diet. With an increasing emphasis on fresh and whole foods, vegetables, and grains that are firm and chewy is an expanding part of early everyone’s diet these days.

Implants will last much longer than any of the other dental restorative procedures. Bonding typically will last a year or two, and dentures often have a life expectancy of about five years. But implants are said to have a 98-percent initial success rate and a 95-percent success rate after ten years — for many people, they may last a lifetime. Home care is also more uncomplicated because you brush and floss around them in the same way you do for your natural teeth. They are permanent replacements that are healthy, great-looking options that nearly every patient considers a wise decision.

If you’d like a consultation or to find out more, complete the online contact form above or call our Farber Center appointment lines: 631,265.4442 for Hauppauge NY; or, 631.758.3700 for Medford NY. We’ll give you all the options, answer questions, and provide complete information to help you decide what’s right for you.

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