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At Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants, we strive to provide the most effective pinhole gum surgery Long Island has to offer. The pinhole technique has revolutionized gum surgery in a significant way. Before it was available, the best way to treat gingival recession (or receding gums) was traditional grafting. It meant sections of tissue were taken from the roof of the mouth and grafted onto the remaining gums. It required sutures and incisions — but today everything has changed and improved. If your gums have receded, you owe it to yourself to find out more about today’s advanced treatments that can help improve your appearance and oral health. The newer and less invasive surgical methods have less discomfort and produce great results.

pinhole surgical technique long island

The (PST) is a minimally invasive procedure that produces excellent results with quicker recovery times and less discomfort. PST does not require grafts from the roof of the mouth; instead, a small pinhole is made in the gum near the receding tissue. A special tool is inserted to gently loosen the existing gum tissue before it is lifted and pulled down to cover the exposed bone. The result is a healthier, more natural-looking gum line. Another excellent feature of PST is that sutures are not required to secure the gum. Instead, special collagen strips replace traditional stitching. They are resorbable collagen pieces anchored to the loosened gum until it reattaches. Therefore, no stitches are left behind and the mouth looks natural and normal moments right after the procedure is completed.

Pinhole Gum Surgery Has Many Benefits

Unlike earlier methods, pinhole gum treatment means you can treat as many areas of the mouth as you choose in a single visit. Its less-invasive nature combined with the speed of the procedure is a complete switch from the healing time and discomfort of cut-and-sew surgery. With traditional methods, it took as long as a year to complete an entire month. Also, not only is the procedure easier and less painful, but it also requires significantly less chair time overall. Among the advanced periodontal treatments available at Farber Center, it is among the more highly rated by patients because of its convenience and comfort when compared to other options.

Long Island periodontist specializing in crown lengthening for gummy smiles in Hauppauge and Medford NY

There are many ways gum surgery and related periodontal methods have advanced during recent years. In addition to pinhole gum surgery, laser-assisted deep cleanings to disinfect periodontal pockets and LAR, laser-assisted reattachment therapy, all are outstanding newer options. Nearly universally, they reduce discomfort and speed up recovery times while greatly improving results. Also, more up-to-date options are more precise in many cases which means fewer potential side effects or complications. For patients, it has meant significantly improved results with faster recovery and a greater range of good options.

If You Have Any Signs of Gum Disease, Schedule a Check-Up

At Farber Center, we’re among the best holistic dentists Long Island has, which means we look at your oral health overall. Our mission is to save teeth, and many times they are threatened by periodontal disease. Therefore, catching and treating it early is essential. If you have any warning signs of gum disease — redness, swelling, tenderness, or bleeding — make sure you schedule an appointment today for a check-up. With newer procedures, there is less discomfort and downtime if you do need treatment. Therefore, you have less cause for hesitation. When problems are caught early, the prognosis is better and what is required to resolve the issue is less complicated.

Aside from the many benefits of pinhole surgery to correct receding gums, possibly the most important one is a shorter hesitation time. Time lost is gum loss—and maybe even tooth loss in more advanced cases. So, it’s important that once you are diagnosed with receding gums to follow-up with treatment to avoid further damage. The idea that receding gums can be treated with less discomfort and a quicker recovery period is a great thing not only for periodontists but also for the patients they treat. With our Farber Center dentist offices in Hauppauge, and Medford, NY, we’re centrally located and convenient to many in Suffolk County. We’re here to help you be healthy and maintain a beautiful smile throughout your life.

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