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Sinus Augmentation Surgery Enables Upper Implants

Long Island sinus augmentation surgery allows dental implants in the upper row.More people today elect to have dental implants because of their advantages over bridges and dentures — but sometimes insufficient upper jaw bone depth stands in the way. For patients in this group, sinus lift surgery often can but the answer. It is an oral surgery procedure during which the sinus membrane is lifted and additional bony material placed underneath. When complete and healed, greater bone depth in the upper jaw means implants are possible where before they would not have been.

Among Long Island dental implant practices, Farber Center, with locations near Nassau County in Medford NY and in the Suffolk County community of Hauppauge, NY, are leaders in providing sinus augmentation surgery. We are dedicated to saving your teeth, but when it is not possible, we offer a full range of replacement options.

There are a number of reasons your upper jawbone may be insufficient to support implants. These include prior periodontal disease, missing teeth where the bone has absorbed back into the body, the anatomical reality that the upper jawbone is not as thick as the lower one, and the natural expansion of the sinuses as we age. Because Farber Center is ahead of the curve offering innovative holistic dental treatments, we’re leaders in sinus lifts on Long Island. If other Long Island dentists or periodontists have told you upper dental implants are not possible, we may be able to help. CT scans and x-rays can help measure the bone depth at potential implant sites and will help indicate whether or not you may be a candidate for sinus augmentation.

Have Your Heard About How Sinus Lift Surgery Works?

Sinus augmentation surgical procedure is available at the Farber Center with two locations on Long Island, Hauppauge NY and Medford NYThere’s no doubt that advances in oral and periodontal gum surgery have been significant, and the procedures allowing for sinus augmentation are no different. Everything will take place while you are under anesthesia to minimize any discomfort or anxiety. Your oral surgeon opens a small area of your upper gum where teeth are missing to expose the bone. Then a small oval opening is created through which the membrane of your lower sinus is lifted while several millimeters of bony material is placed beneath it. Once complete, the area is closed with small stitches and allowed to heal. Any discomfort afterward is generally minimal and you’ll be prescribed medication and antimicrobial oral rinses to help prevent inflammation during the healing process.

When the bony material has hardened sufficiently, the depth of your upper jaw bone will have been increased in the location where implants will be placed. It’s a straightforward process that allows implants to be placed in almost any upper jaw position where the bone has been insufficient previously. Farber Center includes sinus augmentation among a range of oral surgery services to our patients as we strive to be the officer the best periodontal services and dental implants Long Island has available. We have on-site laboratories, the latest periodontal lasers, and a dedicated team of dentists, periodontists, and technicians that is second to none. Because we provide so many services under one roof, we can offer you a range of options and treatments.

Dental Implants of Several Types Can be Available After Sinus Augmentation

All-on-4 dental implants Long Island.Thanks to their great looks and durability, dental implants have been a leading tooth replacement option for quite some time. There’s no doubt they are an asset to both your appearance and oral health. If you’ve needed a sinus lift in order to consider them, you’ll have a range of options available to you after surgery. Classic single tooth replacements with a titanium screw that is placed into the jawbone in place of a natural tooth root. Surrounding bone fuses to the screw and creates a strong underpinning for a new artificial tooth. Because the bone is preserved in a way that doesn’t occur with bridges or dentures, it helps to maintain your natural facial appearance. Overall oral health relies on a strong jawbone and so choosing implants helps in this regard as well.

If you’re in replacing an entire row of teeth, All-on-4 dental implants are a full-mouth solution that is gaining in popularity. In this procedure, Farber Center can anchor a complete row of upper or lower teeth to just four implants. This method is a popular alternative to dentures and can help restore a firm bite and allow you to eat the foods you love. Because our practice is patient-centered, we operate with your comfort and convenience as a priority. If you’ve been putting off a sinus lift or any oral surgery because of apprehension about dental visits, know that we will keep you comfortable and attempt to answer any questions. We’re among the best holistic dentists Long Island has available today and your comfort and peace of mind always are considered along with your oral health.

Farber Center provides sinus lift surgery on Long Island.


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