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The best dental implants Long island has available begin with temporary restorations.

In reply to questions from prospective patients, the dental professionals from Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants discuss temporary restorations. Temporaries are necessary after individual implant treatments and All-on-4 oral surgery that replaces entire rows of teeth. They are the first step toward tooth replacement that gives you back your smile and a firm bite.

What are Temporary Restorations?

They are temporary crowns placed on top of implant screws that are prepared teeth used until the permanent restoration is carried out. Temporaries enhance your appearance, allow you to chew some foods and help you speak and pronounce words just as natural teeth do. Also, if you’re having All-on-4 dental implants to replace an entire row of teeth, they give you an instant smile.

How Do Temporaries Help the Final Replacement Tooth?

During the process of creating and attaching a final permanent crown (replacement tooth) to your implants, the temporaries play several vital roles.

  1. Give you the first idea about how the final restoration will look and feel
  2. Support the surrounding tissue and help it heal in the area of the 
  3. Help ensure the final restoration will be aligned with your other teeth to form a tight bite
  4. Provide an opportunity for you to see and feel an approximate replica of the permanent restoration before it is completed — allows you to request changes in fit or appearance

What are the Differences if I am Having All-on-4 Implants?

Rather than a temporary crown on a single implant, you’ll have a complete row of teeth in a temporary form. At Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants, we are among the leading providers of All-on-4 Long Island has available. Both of our offices see many patients for this permanently fixed denture option. It firmly mounts a full row of upper or lower teeth on four implants. Some people refer to it as 1-Day-Smile because on the day your four implants are placed, you’ll leave with a temporary that includes all upper or lower teeth. When healed and the final plate is attached to implants, you’ll have a beautiful smile and a firmer both similar to natural teeth.

If You Have a Temporary in Place, Don’t Delay Getting Your Permanent Teeth

Because temporary restorations look so good, patients sometimes delay getting a final crown on their implants. The problem with that scenario is that bacteria can enter under the temporary restoration, and it may negatively affect the health of the implant in the long run. A temporary restoration won’t last forever, so patients should plan on completing their full treatment in a specific time frame.  Typically, six months is the most extended amount of time we can ever recommend that a patient keep a temporary restoration. The best plan is to return to the office promptly for your new, permanent teeth. Also, for the appearance and lifestyles of people in Long Island, All-on-4 is a recommended alternative if you’re struggling with traditional dentures.



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