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Perioscopy is among the best gum surgery Nassau County has to offer.

Perioscopy® is highly effective non-surgical gum disease treatment that helps save teeth. It’s a less invasive, more comfortable procedure that is available to nearly all patients with periodontitis. The therapy can even work for people who for various reasons, cannot undergo traditional gum surgery. It’s all made possible by the perioscope, which is a dental endoscope that goes below the gumline to pinpoint areas of infection. Farber Center provides periodontal surgery on Long Island and non-surgical perioscopy.Because Perioscopy® offers magnification of 20-40x, it allows dentists, periodontists, and hygienists to work with a higher degree of accuracy than ever before. It means they find and treat more problem spots, even those in the early stages that might not have been detected previously.

As a holistic dentist, Farber Center for Periodontics & Dental Implants is proud to provide the most effective Perioscopy® Long Island has available. We offer the latest treatment options for periodontics and dental implants as part of our commitment to being patient-centered in all that we do. If you know or suspect you might have infected gums but have put off treatment, here’s a reason to set aside your reluctance. Unlike earlier methods requiring more invasive and uncomfortably surgery, Perioscopy® helps your clinician treat only problem areas. It allows infected root surfaces and periodontal pockets to be cleaned and cleared of infection. Your oral health and whole-body health will improve instantly.

With Perioscopy©, What are the Most Important Benefits?

Long Island holistic dentist Farber Center provides advanced periodontal surgery.The benefits of Perioscopy® are many but helping to save your teeth and prevent deterioration of the underlying jaw bone are among the most essential. Periodontal pockets are places in the gum where infections begin and progress. Bacteria cause inflammation and the eventual deterioration of all nearby tissue, bone, and teeth. For anyone with periodontitis, effective treatment like Perioscopy® has immediate benefits. When your dentist can view below the gumline in real-time with magnification, accuracy, and results improve. In earlier methods, larger areas of the gum would be opened, and while magnified views were available, they were not to the level of accuracy achieved with this newer procedure.

With a less invasive, non-surgical gum disease treatment like Perioscopy®, you can expect less discomfort and faster healing times. Appointments for this procedure do take a bit longer than ordinary periodontal cleanings, but the significant potential benefits far outweigh the investment of time. Costs can be lower than with traditional gum surgery, and when that advantage is combined with the others, it makes a strong case for choosing this procedure. Farber Center also prides itself on patient education. When you visit us, you’ll give be given a range of options and information about each one. The goal is helping you be better informed so that you can make the choice that is right for you.

Perioscopy® Works with a Specialized Dental Endoscope

Perioscopes for advanced gum disease therapy.A dental endoscope makes possible the non-surgical Perioscopy® procedure. It is a mini camera on the end of a fiber-optic probe that is capable of going below the gum line. It provides immediate unobstructed views with 20-40x magnification giving clinicians a powerful diagnostic tool. Thanks to the advanced digital imaging, your dentist, periodontist, or hygienist can perform a targeted treatment in a less invasive manner. The highly magnified images also allow earlier detection of smaller problem spots before they become more significant areas of infection. Advanced video and lighting make these close-up views possible.

There is no substitute for early detection and treatment of serious underlying problems that can lead to advanced gum disease. The treatment guidance provided by Perioscopy® is superior to earlier methods that required a more invasive approach and had a lesser ability to produce an unobstructed under-the-gum line view. These images speed the process of finding and eradicating bacteria and infection that threaten your gums, jawbone, and teeth. You’ll be in the examination chair as the images come on screen, so the results are immediate. Because there are connections between oral infections and whole-body health, it’s essential to treat and resolve periodontitis promptly.

Costs and Discomfort Can be Less than Conventional Gum Surgery

Non-surgical Long Island dental treatment success is a team effort.Many patients needing gum disease treatment understandably feel some anxiety. We’re pleased to explain that procedures with non-surgical Perioscopy® are more comfortable than earlier methods. Because of the images, any treatment that is needed is more targeted and goes right to the trouble spots. Areas not requiring work can be identified quickly and left alone. You’ll spend a bit more time in the examination chair because Perioscopy® is precise and thorough. Exam length also is affected by the area of the mouth and infection level of the teeth and gums being treated. In general, you can expect an appointment time rage of 1-2 hours.

Perioscopy® typically costs less than traditional gum surgery and produces infection-clearing results that can help save and preserve your teeth. Previous patients give it favorable reviews, and it is gaining in popularity compared to other methods. Also, for people previously unable to undergo periodontal surgery for other health reasons, Perioscopy® can help. Among Long Island periodontists, we at Farber Center strive to leaders in offering our patients more advanced treatment options. Dr. Farber founded the practice to save teeth. Newer procedures such as this one help us uphold our commitment to outstanding holistic dental care for residents in Suffolk and Nassau Counties in New York.

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