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Ceramic dental implants look great in Farber Center patients. Strong, metal-free ceramic dental implants from NobelPearl™ are among the newer and more advanced tooth replacement options available from Farber Center. If you thought implants were only made from titanium, there now are more choices. NobelPearl™ is 100-percent metal-free and derives its strength from zirconia. Holistic dental implants made of zirconia are 100% metal free.They are soft tissue friendly, which means easily accepted by the body for most people, and even can have long-term benefits different from metal implants. The advantages include being unfriendly to plaque and generating a low inflammatory response, which means easier healing for many people.

In the Long Island area, holistic dentists like Farber Center are leading providers of more holistic dental implants that do not contain metal. With NobelPearl™, you’ll have a firm bite, eat the foods you enjoy and have great looking replacement teeth. Also, there’s no cement (adhesive) in the internal connections to avoid introducing any additional substances to the body. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of implants with a metal-free ceramic composition that helps preserve bone and helps maintain your oral health. If you’re someone who has thinner soft tissue in the mouth, these implants can be better tolerated than other options. The metal-free carbon-reinforced polymer material is a genuine advance over different implants.

Ceramic Dental Implants Look Great and There are Other Important Benefits

Metal free dental implants also contain require no adhesives.Excellent osseointegration and soft-tissue attachment might not sound essential to you right off the bat, but they are vital qualities of the best dental implants, ceramic included. Osseointegration has to do with how well the implant fuses to the bone as it heals. The firmness and permanence of implants depend on fusion with the jawbone. Their presence also helps to prevent bone resorption (bone loss) than can occur when a tooth is extracted and the socket left empty. A firm and healthy jawbone helps not only implants but your natural teeth as well, so it is crucial. Soft-tissue attachment is key as well because it means your gums, which need to attach to the replacement tooth just as they do to natural teeth.

NobelPearl™ ceramic implants also are soft-tissue friendly. For some patients who naturally have thinner tissue inside the mouth, they can perform better than titanium products. Also, after healing, the volume of tiny blood vessels surrounding the zirconia implants is shown to be higher — generally indicating good acceptance by the body. The NobelPearl™ implant screws are made from Vicarbo® carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer and the implant itself made from ATZ zirconia featuring a high bending strength.  The carefully selected and higher quality elements combine for a product with many superior performance attributes.

Have You Explored all Tooth Replacement Options? Be Informed Before Your Decide

Many dental and periodontal professionals recommend implants as a good option when teeth need to be replaced. Preservation of jawbone as mentioned earlier is a significant benefit — and also helps to support nearby natural teeth that remain in the mouth. Maintaining a strong and firm bite also is essential. Quality of life and healthy eating can depend on one’s ability to bite and chew foods naturally. Unlike a denture which may slip, implants hold in place permanently and with strength. Dental implants for Nassau County, NY are a specialty at Farber Center. As about our holistic dental treatments.Lastly, and most importantly to many people, they look virtually like natural teeth. Giving you back your smile can be a great self-confidence builder and naturally helps you maintain a more youthful appearance.

Because patient education and information are important priorities are valued greatly at Farber Center, come armed with any questions. We’ll happily help with your information requests and help you become well informed about all of your options. Because there are a growing number of patients who request metal-free dental implants, we’re proud to provide the ceramic option with The NobelPearl™. It’s a product that is growing in acceptance and popularity each year. In addition to offering holistic dental alternatives, Dr. Farber is committed to offering advanced options and newer treatments so that our patients can benefit from everything that is new.

Also, if you have a diseased tooth, we’re pleased to give you a complete exam and explain all of the options. If it can be saved with dental or gum disease treatment, we can help. Or if needs to be pulled, we offer oral surgery services including tooth extractions. Our practice is an all-under-one-roof format providing dental, periodontal, and dental implant services. It means efficient treatment and faster results because we handle more of your needs on-site. When you contact and visit us, you’ll be in the care of a compassionate and highly skilled group of professionals dedicated to helping you with any oral care need.

Farber Center provides ceramic dental implants on Long Island, in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

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