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At Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants, we’re dedicated to treating gum disease and saving teeth. As a result, our patient education goals are intended to help maintain and improve our patient’s oral health. The most crucial step for many people is visiting us for the first time.

Patient education at Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants.

When patients are under our care, we can help educate them about the need for treatment and the options available. Gum disease is generally a silent condition in its early stages when it is more easily treatable. Therefore, many people who need treatment may be unaware or feel they can put it off — which nearly always means more significant consequences in the long run.

Periodontal disease affects millions of adults, including many in Long Island. As holistic dentists and periodontists, we work hard to educate people about the whole-body health issues that connect to gum disease. We also want prospective patients to understand that recent advances, such as laser-assisted therapies have been game-changers. Discomfort and treatment times have been lessened significantly. At the same time, effectiveness and outcomes have been improved. Gum disease treatment today is vastly different than it was 20 years ago. If you’ve heard stories from others, it’s likely things may have changed a lot since their experience.

We Motivate Our Patients to Improve Their Oral Health

So much is to be gained from having healthy teeth and gums. A beautiful smile is among the most potent self-confidence builders, and a firm bite means you can eat your favorite foods. Gum disease treatment at Farber Center.But it’s also essential to keep in mind the whole-body health connections. Past and current research has studied the links between the chronic low-grade infections of gum disease and other organs and systems of the body. These include the heart, immune system, and circulatory system, to name only a few. For people with diabetes, infected gums can aggravate other problems. Therefore, improving and maintain oral health has benefits that extend through the body.

For us, it’s important initially to make patients fully aware of any periodontal infections or disease. Merely having information is powerfully motivating for most people. It’s a fact that periodontal disease is a severe health condition that needs to be effectively treated and resolved. The good news is that for nearly everyone, we can address them in a way that will clear the infection and save their teeth. Because of recent advances, even people who previously were not candidates for some procedures can now have them. Also, newer techniques are often less invasive, which means shorter recovery times and less discomfort overall.

What Will My First Appointment with a Periodontist be Like?

A thorough periodontal exam and accurate diagnosis are the first steps toward treating gum disease. Therefore, on your initial appointment, your visit will be confined to the evaluation and discussion of treatment options unless there is an emergency. You will likely hear about more than one method, and because we offer advanced treatments at Farber Center, some will be newer and more comfortable options.Gum disease diagnosis and treatment for patient education. It’s important to note that different things are better for each patient — so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each patient and their situation are unique, and we go out of our way to suggest a treatment plan that will work best.

In the unfortunate case that periodontal disease is advanced and has severely affected the teeth and underlying bone, we may discuss tooth replacement options with you. In those cases, we can provide traditional (titanium) and ceramic dental implants, or more comprehensive methods such as All-on-4. If you need to replace an entire row of upper or lower teeth, All-on-4 offers a permanent denture solution with as few as four implants. It’s a great alternative to dentures and provides a beautiful smile, firm bite, and helps preserve the underlying jawbone.

No matter what is right for you and recommended as a periodontal treatment plan for you, we are always sensitive to patient comfort and peace of mind. We take the time to sit down and go over things very carefully in advance, giving you options, and discussing how we can keep you comfortable during procedures. Everyone on the Farber Center team is an experienced holistic dental professional with specialized training. Few Long Island periodontists can match our range of services and treatment options. It’s why our list of patents grows significantly at both our Hauppauge and Medford, NY dentist offices. We’re convenient to reach from most Suffolk and Nassau County locations and appointments are available at a wide range of times.

Long Island periodontists and dental implant specialists.




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