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Having a beautiful smile is a significant contributor to self-confidence and self-esteem for most people. But what if you have beautiful teeth that are partially covered by excess gum tissue? If you do, it’s an easily treatable condition known as a gummy smile. Therefore, if the beauty of your smile is diminished in this way, schedule a consultation with the periodontists at Farber Center For Periodontics & Dental Implants. We’ll give you a thorough exam and provide options to raise the smile line on your front teeth. In general, our holistic periodontal and dental implant practice is devoted to improving your oral health. But we also understand our patient’s desire for cosmetic procedures and always are pleased to help.

The good news is that excess gum tissue can be removed in minor periodontal surgery and does not negatively impact your teeth or gums. It’s purely an aesthetic consideration that varies by person. Compared to the opposite — receding gums — which harm teeth over time, it is a minor condition. Also, because gum surgery methods today have advanced considerably over past procedures, healing times and comfort are improved. If you have been reluctant to seek treatment because of anxiety over the procedure itself, we can give you pre-treatment counseling to put your mind at ease. Most people with gummy smiles have had them for many years and always wished they could be improved.

Treating Gummy Smile is a Request We Hear Often

“Patients come in to see us and they say, ‘Dr. Farber, my teeth are very small. Can you make them longer?’ The reason the teeth appear to be small is because the gum tissue itself is very long or the patient is showing too much gum tissue. The excess tissue can be removed in order to make the teeth look better or look the proper length,” said Dr. Alan Farber.

In both our Medford NY and Hauppauge NY dentist offices, we see patients for gummy smile exams and gum surgery to correct the condition. When the procedure is complete, it creates a proper smile line for the front teeth. When patients have their gummy smile transformed into a more natural smile, it is a wow moment. People have thanked us for boosting their self-confidence and satisfaction with their teeth and smiles. We’ve even received cards and letters of thanks and appreciation.

How Does Gum Surgery to Improve A Gummy Smile Work?

Gum surgery improves gummy smile.The process of removing excess tissue and correcting gummy smile is a minimally invasive gum surgery. It takes only a single visit for the procedure itself and one follow-up visit. Also, some patients elect to have more smile-improving treatments once their smile line is raised to a more attractive level. Often, they want to improve the look or color of their teeth using whitening or veneers that are provided by general dentists. However, improving the framework; in other words, the gum tissue around the teeth is the key.

“We have an analogy we use. If you were to hang a picture on the wall, it could be a great picture, but if you do not mount it properly and put the right frame around it, then it will not look nearly as beautiful. Creating the framework is shaping the gum tissue around the teeth, and it is one of the services we provide at Farber Center,” said Dr. Farber.

If you’re in Long Island, NY, we are a full-service periodontist and implant center for dental implants near me. We are known for advanced treatment methods, including less-invasive laser gum surgery and both titanium and ceramic dental implants. Our focus is on your oral health, but we follow a holistic approach, and everything we do benefits your whole-body health as well. Our mission is to save teeth and when it is not possible, to replace them with the best options possible. Among Long Island periodontists, our services are second to none, and our offices are convenient to most Suffolk and Nassau County locations.

If you would like to schedule an exam and consultation for gummy smile treatment, contact us today. We’re dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction and will discuss all options with you. We maintain extensive capabilities under one roof, and few can match us for periodontics and same-day dental implants.

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