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Missing teeth can impact your health. Visit our dental implant center in Suffolk County New York.Millions of American adults are missing all of their upper or lower teeth, and many more are missing one or more teeth. Besides causing potential embarrassment because of appearance, there are health and quality of life issues connected to tooth loss. For example, a natural process known as bone resorption means empty tooth sockets lose underlying jawbone. It can change your face and weaken nearby teeth. Dental professionals are virtually unanimous that teeth should be replaced — and as soon as possible. If you already have lost teeth, know you are about to, or have the symptoms of gum disease, it’s time to visit a dentist or periodontist for an oral health exam.

At Farber Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants, we’re devoted to saving teeth and offer many advanced treatment methods. When a tooth can’t be saved, we also provide a range of the latest replacement options. Periodontal or gum disease is a significant cause of tooth loss and can progress silently in its early and middle stages. It’s why it’s so important to have regular cleanings and check-ups. Periodontists are dental professionals who specialize in treating gum disease in all its forms. Today’s newer treatment methods include laser therapies and less invasive techniques that are highly effective and reduce patient discomfort. All of them can help you avoid tooth loss.

Tooth Replacement Options Today are Better than Ever

All on 4 dental implants in Suffolk County Long Island NYRecent advances have brought new options in tooth replacement — many of the better than ever before. With dental implants leading the way, you can replace missing teeth with newer options that give you a beautiful smile and give you back a firm bite. Because implants replace the roots of the teeth you lost, they reduce or stop bone resorption so that your remaining teeth are stabilized. When bone loss is prevented, it also maintains your facial structure and preserves a more youthful appearance. Being able to chew and eat firm and crunchy foods helps typically to maintain whole-body health so that you’ll look and feel as good as you always have.

If you’ve lost an entire row of teeth, upper or lower, or are struggling with dentures, various implant-supported systems have many advantages. For example, the All-on-4 dental implant option support an entire row of teeth on as few as four implants. It’s an increasingly popular way to take advantage of the benefits of implants at a much lower cost than replacing each tooth one-by-one. In other cases, implants may be used to support dental bridges so that they do not transfer the force of chewing to natural teeth. It helps to preserve your existing teeth and also restores a firm bite. If you’re not up-to-date on the many new methods and options, visit us soon to find out more.

When Teeth are Missing, Your Self-Esteem Suffers

Dental implants replace lost teeth and can help with holistic and overall body healthIt’s hard to put a price on a beautiful smile, but both research and anecdotal evidence suggests its importance. It’s not uncommon for people who have decayed or missing teeth — or poor-fitting dentures — to avoid social situations out of embarrassment. Lost time with family and friends soon takes its toll, and depression may result. On the other hand, people who have beautiful replacement teeth and a radiant smile tend to be more engaged in life and ready to outgoing and social. Implants and implant-supported dentures are among the most effective ways to restore your smile. If it’s been a while since you’ve felt like smiling, you understand the importance of getting it back.

Also, eating healthier is on nearly everyone’s mind today, and it means including fruits and vegetables in your diet. These fresh, whole foods are beneficial in so many ways, including helping to control your weight and blood sugar. Biting into apples and enjoying corn-on-the-cob are two of the most classic examples of foods that require a firm bite to be enjoyed. With the best dental implants, you’ll again be free to enjoy these and other crunchy foods. Missing teeth or removable dentures that slip cause many dietary issues when you avoid healthy foods because you are unable to chew them. Having a firm bite again will help immediately.

Teeth Lost to Gum Disease Mean You Need Periodontal Treatment

Treating gum disease saves teeth. Visit our Suffolk county dentist offices for a free evaluation of your need for dental implants.Nothing is more important than your health, and the low-level infections of gum disease move through the bloodstream and affect other organs in the body. Often tooth loss is the result of periodontitis (gum disease) that is left untreated can destroy your oral health. Periodontists today have advanced methods and new laser-assisted procedures that have improved the ability to treat and clear gum infections. If your gums are swollen or bleed for more than two weeks, it’s time to have a check-up. If you’ve already lost teeth due to gum infections, make sure to treat them soon to avoid further damage or loss.

No matter what the reason for lost teeth, there are many more good reasons to replace them with high-quality dental implants. In Long Island, NY, we at Farber Center are a leading provider of titanium and ceramic implants with a holistic dental approach. If you’re in Nassau or Suffolk Counties, our dentist offices in Medford NY and Hauppauge NY are easy to reach. Your comfort and oral health are our number-one concerns, and we can provide a range of good choices no matter what you need. We are dedicated to saving your teeth or replacing them with the best possible options.

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